Visiting my first home #mystonline

Cyan Worlds Inc created a memorial within the game to players who have died. I visited Kahlo Pub to see the memorial with Gandhar’s name on it. Can’t believe it’s coming up on five years soon since we lost him.

I tried to get a screen shot showing his name, but couldn’t get it to work on my windows 8.1 computer. It works on sites, just not in the game for some reason. So I stole one of DMom’s pictures she posted with our family member’s Sil Oh Wet’s name showing instead.

The Memorial with avatar names of players we've lost in's Kahlo Pub in D'ni Aegura

The Memorial with avatar names of players we’ve lost in’s Kahlo Pub in D’ni Aegura

Last few days I’ve been in mystonline. Cancelled out the avatars tied to Myss Terries and LaCasa. Elpis and Sophrosyne have avatars there still.

I keep IssisMyst there as a guide. KI #13620702

Think I’ll be spending more time in the cavern over the next month. I’ve discovered I’ve forgotten a few details on the game play. It’s a big game and I’m occasionally called upon to help guide new explorers. Can’t be a good guide if I’m rusty.

Just as I promoted this game in Second Life and directed new players to it, so I will also in Inworldz.  May create another avatar to match my IW one for new players from there. is free to play, ran by player donations and maintained by Cyan with open source code for players who wish to continue the story by creating their own ages. It’s currently at Cavcon 2.3 and needs to get to 3 soon. I’ve given a small donation today for my part.

You can also play Myst and Riven on the iphone and ipad. I have them on my iphone 4….very well done.

And the Myst games are being brought out on steam at



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Another reason to love #Inworldz

Disgusted with the real world and its level of destruction. This week, they’ve taken out three beautiful big trees, two houses (which could have been remodeled or just rebuilt without destroying other things), and a huge flourishing garden with it.

Not sure what happened to the old man who worked day and night tending to that garden, but that’s a horrible waste. Seeing uprooted veggies in the soil today as the backhoe does it’s work.

Disgusting…no reason whatsoever to do so much natural damage. And waste so much obviously good food when so many are in need.

And it’s right behind us in the middle of the block. No clue what’s going to go in there yet. Whoever they are, may take awhile for me to warm up to them…

This is why I love virtual world. I love encouraging building stuff up and encouraging a good environment instead of destroying it.


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Just another breedables update…

Just. My animals in SL mostly just entertain themselves now. I’m out of time and the SL enthusiasm is still dwindling. Not even sure why I’m blogging here. Not sure anyone listens, but it’s something to do while I find motivation for the workday.

Trying to forget life’s current woes and get inspired to work in spite of the heavy machinery sounds. Two houses being torn down, neighbors mowing, and God knows what else is going on in this street. Ironically, the big attraction for moving here was the peaceful quiet. Me thinks they lied about that.

LOL what’s really funny is my avi is sitting Inworldz listening to an episode of Boston Blackie while I blog on SL stuff.

Well, 5 minutes of checking critters this morning and I was done there.

Anywho…my status.
I’ve got the next two weeks covered for rents.
Sales weren’t strong enough to cover the bills totally for it so it comes out of my gaming allowance. Instead of paying for Issis’s account premium, I pay the leftover expenses.
Traffic on The Farm has remained down but steady. Traffic on Camelot is better and steady. Traffic on both has been nearly the same now.
Sales have been nothing on The Farm for quite some time now. Sales at home store and Camelot have been pretty good. Camelot paid for its own rent. Home store paid for its own rent.
The KittyCats sales stopped although the traffic stayed up. But not complaining. There was a big sale a few weeks ago, so not in the hole there. Still, may not pay the store until the rent runs out in two weeks. Make sure it’s worth keeping both spots going. May be better to do a mass menagerie and just cut back to the corner stand which gets about 30 per day in traffic.
In Lindens, I do need to cover a week for one KC stand and then the pack of KC food I want on my own. The rest was covered by sales.

Haven’t decided on tonight’s auction yet. I’ve lost my auction mojo and no one seems to want anything I offer. Geesh. Monday I offered a one of a kind tang for 1k and no bites. That’s not a good sign. That was a danged good fish to put out. And it matched what people claimed to be excited for.

As a rule, I do better on direct sales than auction sales.

At home store, we’ve set prices as low as we can. Nothing under 100L yet. The fish vendors are filling up with 100L baggies. But a few people come in and bulk buy from them so having that instead of worrying about turning them into food is beneficial.

If sales on those stop, they will change to 50L. Decided I’m not birthing and feeding to chum. If they don’t want to give us a small amount to chum baggies, then it’s reasonable to expect people like me to sell them cheap from vendors. I will do it away from the main market though and keep that space for special fish only out of respect for those trying to sell higher.

I did reserve enough space to raise six fish at a time to give one bag and then chum those. So pretty sure we won’t run out of predator food. And someday the system may let me have a unique drop that someone may actually want. :-)

hehe…I’m usually the one that gets the good stuff just as prices and interest plummet.

Biobreeds happy spot seems to be the 200L mark for well bred/well traited crates. 100L for lower traits. At home store Smmu may go lower. She hasn’t been able to get in and finish setting up yet.

Me, no lower. Most that doesn’t fit into the 200L vendors just gets heavened.

Not sure what I’ll do with my WK yet though. I love them, but just don’t have time for them. They’re there at home store set for sale but I know it’s mostly just for show. No one’s going to buy retired special editions.

Oh yeah…should see if my pay is in. I wanted to pick up two shibas to make room for two boxers today too. Maybe I can actually do something in Second Life today. lol




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Should I stay or should I go haha

So funny. I just downgraded Issis account from premium status in Second Life and now sit down to post about it. Turn on the radio and it’s “Should I stay or Should I go” by The Clash playing.

My appearance with Issis at the Camelot auction last night was a bust. No joy in it. Bad timing, due to people in question feeling bad or absent and SL voice acting up. Kind of sucked.

I haven’t been Issis in a long time and it felt really odd. I wasn’t comfortable being her anymore.

Issis is an avatar created to represent my roleplay character from Myst Online game. When the game closed down for a few years, Issis was recreated in Second Life and joined the D’ni Refugees group. D’ni is the civilization in the Myst/Riven games for those who don’t know. The D’ni Refugees group is made up of people who found themselves needing a new home when the game closed for a time, and now just a place for Myst players to meet, enjoy one another’s company and get help in the mystonline game when needed.

ms isis was my main Myst Online character that Issis was created to represent. ms isis was an elder of Myss Terrie’s Bevin, a neighborhood dedicated to helping new travelers into the game and to providing a clash-free home to anyone needing a safe haven. We were a close family.

We tried to keep the family alive during the game close down. Myss Terrie even made a web based game continuing our story and she developed a massive collection of guides for new players to the game within it. We called this place Friends of the Fissure.

But she eventually lost heart in it. Partly my fault, since I had been like a partner to her. A close friend of mine in the bevin, Gandhar, died. It wasn’t the same for me after that. He was so dedicated to preparing for the game to reopen. What made it really sad is he died in November and the game reopened in the following February.

Every once in awhile I visit his memorial in the game at the pub.

His daughter sent me his in-game graphics. Sometimes I make items of them. I do think I’ll dedicate part of the art area in Inworldz on Dunvalos Reach to his Myst shots. I should reconnect with his daughter and send her a copy of M’nine, which sports the unfinished graphic he did for me on the book cover.

Elpis still thrives, her novels will continue, along with Sophrosyne and Thorne. After M’nine though, they’ve broken away from Friends of the Fissure, after the people in charge have deserted it and disappeared into another Age. Elpis and the rest of her crew work out of M’nine now, using the linking books Elpis found and squirreled away from the cavern on her own.

For now, Elpis is in Second Life. We have friends there that make it worth staying. For now. That could change any day. I hope certain individuals wise up and move to Inworldz. Other than for my friends, I’d really rather ditch Second Life.

Some of our Myst game family are still on Kitely sims…been debating about being there too.

Elpis downgrades from premium in about three weeks. I’d do it now, but afraid they’d keep the weekly stipends from me. I paid for it, making sure I get it first.

Funny…they ask to check boxes as to why I give up land and premium status. And give a comment box. Didn’t comment…didn’t figure there wasn’t enough character spaces allowed for all the reasons why.

Issis with my hubby's avatar, Noble

Issis with my hubby’s avatar, Noble… back when he used to actually come in game. Now he plays mostly Assassins Creed


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Deleting and downgrading accounts in second life

Deleting inventory, that is.

I won’t say I’m deleting avatars. I tried that once already. It’s still there…just “on hold.” Looks like I’d have to contact support if I ever want to reinstate it, which is comforting in the way that not just anyone can bring that avatar back.

But opens my eyes to what the numbers actually mean in the stats. If the accounts are left open instead of being deleted, there may not be as many players as one thinks.  Pretty sure most are like me – not contacting support to get everything totally removed by the data base. Or like a few of my family members who have avatars they haven’t signed into for a year or more.

I have two roleplaying paying accounts. Issis and Elpis. Some people don’t realize they’re ran by the same person. That’s something I’ve kept low for reasons of avoiding stalkers with Issis.

Doesn’t matter now. Issis roleplayed her way out of the myst group awhile ago. Elpis became an orphan. :-) Issis will be downgraded tomorrow night after the auction. Thinking the bush is going to pay Lance one last visit.

I’ve deleted 8000 items from her inventory so far.  Only a little under 20k to go. It was worse, but I did an inventory sweep last year once already.

Next month I knock Elpis’s account down to basic.

After that, I’m not sure. Elpis has connections I want to keep and she will continue to be my roleplay character for the novels.

But if the account change gives me any inventory issues, I do have two other basic account avvies I can use. I don’t use them much at all. More on stand by than nothing else. One was my ad avi but I have found that running a classified and getting my land into search is more effective than running ads. So I haven’t been using her.


LL does not run a business I can trust.

One: their idea of upgrading is throwing everything they’d like to try into a bowl and then throwing that bowl against the wall to see what sticks. Results in grid performance mayhem where they can’t figure out the fixes for it all. When you’re there to run a business, you can only take so many disruptions before you get frustrated.

Two: They don’t talk to us. Over the years, I’ve seen them avoid us, hide Jiras, give us lines of bull, etc. etc. Over and over again.

Three: WTF with the TOS. They don’t learn. They f-d up big time last year and then f-up in pretending to fix what they screwed up in the first place. Okay, I get it LL, you believe we’re stupid and gullible. Sadly, there’s enough out there who are that will let them get away with it and stay in business.

And Four: I don’t know what to say. They’ve been making some major stupid moves lately with SL users.

I will admit that they are making a step towards talking to people. I see a Linden coming forward more lately to blog or meet with people. This is a good thing, just a little too late for me.

I still don’t trust them…that’s the number one problem.

When they “corrected” the TOS, not only did they not correct a dang thing but just played with the wording, they also made the same stupid mistake as before.

I had to accept the TOS in order to get in to my stuff!


First you announce the UPCOMING TOS changes when  person tries to sign in and then let them know they will have to accept the changes in order to sign in beyond that date. Give them time to pull their stuff and delete their account if they wish to.

This is one of the big things the lawyers brought to their attention last time. Obviously, they ignored it.  Along with the rest.

Now…Smmu and I are holding on to our breedables business, albeit with less overhead. Less land, less stands, and less critters.

But most of our time is Inworldz, and eventually that grid will be able to handle more breedables and we’ll ditch the SL ones.


Except for our friends there…we love our breedables families and hope they expand to the Inworldz grid. And our Myst family of course, many of whom also hang out on other grids and in still.

Biobreeds Bulldogs are released tomorrow! Not my breed, but may pick up two shibas to run a pair of these for a bit.

Biobreeds Bulldogs are released tomorrow! Not my breed, but may pick up two shibas to run a pair of these for a bit.


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Second Life’s TOS changes: I call Baloney

Not a long post today…LL changed the TOS section creators were unhappy about last fall, and don’t think many of us are very impressed with their badly disguised effort at rewriting that section.

I pulled my creative business out of SL at the time of the previous copyright endangering TOS and moved it to Inworldz. 

Obviously, they’re not interested in me moving it back anytime soon.

For a good run down on it see this post.



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Pet Peddlers Predator Thoughts

Smmubert and I have gravitated towards raising more Pet Peddlers predators than the regular fish.

This may change for me.

I don’t want to hoarde animals anymore and I don’t have that much sales primspace available. So, the number of baggies I set out are down to a minimum.

When there’s too many, I have to birth the baggies, feed for 1 day, four days or until they give a baggy up.

Costwise, I’ve figured it out it’s best to let them give a baggy and then chum. If they’re ones I consider duds, then birthing and chumming at one or four days is the way to go, and it’s more cost effective to chum at four days.

And that worked well for me when I had a lot of land to work with. The fish may not be that many prims for the most part, but they do eat the prims up fast.

Additionally, this birthing to chum is a great thing if it’s the only breedable you’re working with. When it’s time to birth to chum, just pick up the ones you’re breeding to keep and they store without harm in inventory. No biggee.

For me, it doesn’t work. I’m a multi breedable breeder and now on limited prim space. I’d have to pick up the other animals to make room because of the set up. The other animals will go sick in inventory and cost me more in their area.

Right now I have to combine purposes. I have a selection of fish out and they’re set for sale while they grow for the purpose of chumming into food. I don’t have the room to have both the ones to raise for chum and my full breeders out at the same time.

So, since there’s no plans to let us chum baggies, this means I have to choose.

1 – Birth, raise to one baggy, chum. Let my breeders/starters out, breed for awhile. Take baggies and birth, raise to one baggy, chum. Repeat.
2 – Stop breeding predators all together so I don’t have to worry about buying food for them. Cost is a concern. 150 a month for a regular fish or little over 500 to buy predator food elsewhere.
3 – Breed whatever I can manage to feed, be it predator or regular, and just set out random vendors for baggies to save prim space. I’ve done that with my BB. Not sure if I breed enough PP to make this just as effective. I don’t like shopping this way so not sure if I want to sell this way either.

Will have to think this over. I’m a bit disappointed in the way we can’t chum baggies. In my not so experienced opinion, it would save on the data base and help make the rare fish more rare as time goes on.

I may be wrong.

Can’t even say whether I’m alone in this thought or not. At today’s fantastic gathering, I brought up the question and only one other spoke up, who seems against it. Too bad others didn’t chime in so we could know what the community would prefer as a whole.

A lot will depend on how I want my sales space organized after I’m done with the next four weeks of planned rounds. I’m considering all options involving lives, separate baggies, random givers, and boxed sets.

I haz much to think upon.

Pondering this may take awhile...

Pondering this may take awhile…



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