If you wondered who Eddie is

Eddie is the name for the beachball in the neighborhoods, aka Bevins to us oldies, in MystOnline. We all know him as eddie. Few know who he is.

Eddie was created by one of ubisoft members back when physics was just being discovered in the games.

As told by the creator/programmer/writer/whoever at that time: My new “embellished, in character” story is the beachball is the disembodied spirit of E’di Kadish, the writer of Kadish Tolesa (the purplish tree age with the hard puzzles). His wife sings “Ode to E’di” in a recorded loop in his gallery on Ae’gura.

Now you know. :-)

Eddie trapped in the book room. Perhaps he's trying to get back to Kadish.

Eddie trapped in the book room. Perhaps he’s trying to get back to Kadish Tolesa.



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Not awake yet Monday update

Hubby has the work week from crazyville while four are gone from his dept (IT), leaving him alone to manage the office here with newbies and the China office through the start of inventory. He worked day and night through the weekend, so I worked on trying to get the Inworldz location set up and finish my Pet Peddler fish rotation.

So far I’ve chummed all the excess lives I had stored up. One set of headstanders, that I kept, did give a unique traited fish. Koi with swedish shade, aqua shade fins, and fireworks cluster bubbles. If the chart is right, that bubble is new – either this is the first or others have it but still in baggy form.

Kittycats are doing what Kittycats do best. Giving boxes and looking cute. :-)  Still nothing from my menagerie boy. Guess there’s duds in those too. Sad.

We’re doing well with the floral hair ponies. I switched out a few females and birthed new ones. Waiting for them to grow and make babies. Smmu’s gave a bitter hair. First time we saw that, so not positive if it’s from her girl or the male.

Weekly traffic is a tad slow compared to what it used to be. No doubt thanks to the recent SL developments making many leave. I notice my friends are gone a lot more over the last three months. Time will tell if this continues. Hard to gauge what’s from the normal summer slowdown. But the ones on my gaming friends list are normally consistent through the year, so I suspect some of it is permanent.

No sales in six days. For this week’s count, all sales were on one day and covered 1/3 of total expenses.

Not too surprising, when I talked to Smmu about it, we both seemed to have the “meh, so what” attitude.

It’s not the markets. Traffic is good at both. Sales happen at both to cover rent this week. My spots are good enough that I get people checking without the advertising. In a few weeks, we’ll look at the situation and decide where we go from here.

Going to work on a client’s project this morning and then decide about the afternoon auction. Hubby has decided to look for a new job so I have to get the business ready to mobilize, our stuff organized for an upcoming move, and I’m setting up the inworldz sim so that if it needs to sit without me for a month it will be okay.

Maybe get that hotspot service going too for moving time, even though our internet issues were resolved.


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Dee’s Designs alter my plans

Evidently, there will be more check in days for me in Second Life. At the very least some quick check ins, after I get some more product built up for Dee’s Designs. The store honoring my mom for Breast Cancer Awareness was approved for the upcoming hunt.

For now, there’s some old Frosted Myst Designs product in there, along with the first 20 of the new line of sculpted rugs. I love those rugs! So tempted to just fill the whole thing up with them and make it a rug shop. If I see I have enough good textures for it, I just may.

I’m one of the players who won’t do as much in Second Life due to their mishandling of the TOS. So, of course, none of my actual books or the books for the authors I represent will be available there.

But I will set out an advertisement box sending people to our website, and letting them know where they can find us in Inworldz. That location should be ready to open in September. We hope.

I am working on a virtual world memoir style of guide book. This I may publish under creative commons license and make it available on both grids. TOS is not an issue there.

And to those who say they adjusted the TOS, um…no. They reworded a bit, but the wording fixed NOTHING. Copyrights are still endangered by it.

And they did nothing to fix the way in which how they changed the TOS. You still had to accept the changes first before being able to get in to your stuff. Another thing the lawyer group tried to tell them was wrong.

That’s okay if they don’t want my books.  And even if they were to change the TOS to satisfy me, none will be uploaded. They’ve proven I can’t trust their TOS practices already.

Where you land on coming to Marion Margaret Press in Inworldz

Where you land on coming to Marion Margaret Press in Inworldz

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Monday Breedables Update 1

Since my Second Life days are going to start being Mondays, I’m going to do Monday updates.

For traffic, it will become weekly. I’ll try to not reset the counters for The Farm and Camelot Ranch until Monday mornings. I say try because after so many years, it’s been my morning coffee time habit to check and reset them each day. And being without coffee on the hard to wake up days…well, mistakes can happen!

A few critters important to me found homes in my cheap inventory reduction sale. Thank you so much to the buyers.

The 10t ponies are still a challenge to me I keep going back and forth on. I think I’ll leave the random givers out for those and not heaven them. I still need another 200 crates or critters before the next heaven epic edition so not in a hurry, and the givers are only 1 prim.

The 10t lives are not selling – no interest. And I did some research on their lines. Judging from following their lines forward to their babies and their babies babies, and so on, it looks like there’s not a lot of breeding going on with these lines at all.

I do suspect that many breeders were like me. Lowered their prim use drastically on SL due to RL, cost, and moving to other grids.

I’ve only got two days left before the land is gone, so they’ll sit out just in case anyone is interested. But I do think there’s one I’ll keep for myself if she doesn’t go. The rest will be deleted.

Not sure on the exotics that are out yet. Guess I’ll see what I feel like when it’s time to clear out. Was very tempted to delete nearly everything left again. With the number of 25-50L sellers out there, it’s cheaper to buy to breed again than heal. Even with the more respectable 100-150L sellers out there it’s cheaper.

Speaking of which, I may add another post soon on pricing. Been getting some confused queries by people who know me from the old days that this fits into.  (Wow, someone reads this blog! Thanks!)

Sigh…still wish BB would let their breedables go dormant in inventory. So much waste! Either the critter gets heavened before going sick because I don’t want to invest time and/or money in healing it. Come on. Even if it’s 0 seeds, it still costs 14 prims of rental space.

Didn’t sound like much to me when I first started this, but then I realized that’s a lot when you need to heal more than a few critters. It adds up. Especially when you know after eating the 18 days of prim rent, you then have to buy the next set of seeds.

Plus, the price of healing is not worth 5 biochips. Think I’ve added up that I’ve lost the credit for one heaven epic due to just deleting ones I don’t want to keep and not willing to pay to heal.

Another suggestion would be to maintain the catalog better. Lots of stuff in there. But it’s not sorted for easy shopping, and not much is available. Don’t understand it. Being able to use the chips for new starters became addicting for me at the beginning. Then after a few breeds, they stopped letting us use chips for new starters.

The more you offer people to turn in their excess, the better for the system and for the market. People may be less desperate and feel they have to sell for 25L to get rid of their excess.

My Pet Peddlers family is turning more into a market playing game. I left that game long ago and do not wish to return. It served me well during my years of training. Now I have better use of my time, and personal investment.

But a terrific crowd and I’d highly recommend joining the Pet Peddlers group to anyone. We’re keeping some running, and keeping some out for sale. We don’t get the prime stuff, so pretty sure our stock will still grow faster than we can get rid of it. If sales allow me, I’ll rent a space for a week or two weeks to birth and chum for food to keep that down, as needed.

But I’ve decided one thing. IF things turn to where I need to return to breeding a lot of critters in Second Life in the future, my emphasis will be on Kittycats. They are the best at making their K$ worth so much. I don’t have to sell and know my excess is worth something.

They’re one of the smartest breedables business around. No wonder they have so many members and no wonder so many keep wanting them to come to Inworldz.


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Upcoming Second Life event close to my heart since my mom was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Originally posted on Nirvana Projects:

MSABC & Be Hunted Event

Create what is in your heart. Stretch your creative limits. All items are welcomed. Items DO NOT have to be all pink. Consider making both a male & female gift or a unisex item. This hunt is for everyone. Breast cancer affects everyone. Let’s create for a cure.

Apply Online

Apply Inworld
IM Earth Nirvana

Special Thanks
Joshuan BanxEzmerelda OpteraSpooky Mistwallow,  Avari CarrascoTaki KujisawaAllie Munro

These organizers allowed me to promote an event that was not their own, in their groups. They saw the bigger picture, the bigger cause and I greatly appreciate them

View original

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My new challenge of selling breedables

I am only hobby breeding now and 99% of my crates and kennels have either been heavened or sold or given away. The other 1% are the “best”. Ones I’d be interested in breeding myself with a minimum trait or linage requirement met.

They’re only out for sale for something on the two sims I choose to continue to support while I’m in the breedables game. The Farm and Camelot.

And I’m selling cheap, BUT some things I don’t want to sell too cheap on a daily basis. I have 100L, 150L, 200L, and 250L random givers for Biobreeds and Pet Peddlers. Anything over that is set out individually.

Except the 10T BB ponies. Being the original “10T whore”, I’ve built up a good supply of top breeders and bundles. The bundles are in random givers for what I consider is a current 1/2 price deal.

Only I know they will not sell often at all. Even less than what I planned on, if people shop around.

A certain someone we all know and love in the community has some of hers out for a smidge over 100L.


Not me. I’m not ready to go that desperate.

Not on bundles anyway. I have one hell of a deal on a box of seven 10T female ponies in the inventory reduction sale, plus two lives dirt cheap. In the hopes of finding them new homes, as with some of the other way too cheap deals I let out.

I have a lead on someone for those I hope will take the deals from me.

And I did make a new 100L bundler for the pony and exotic crates people didn’t want. I’m no longer getting traffic for the sale, so felt it was safe to give up on the crates and kennels. They’re at The Farm stand now.

But the 10T ones are my current challenge. Do I leave them out in the bundler for 450L or do I pull a pair out to keep for myself and just heaven the rest?

They’re not worth anything if others are selling for 100L.

Perhaps I should open bid one of the live mares at auction and see if people bid her up and how much.

Then decide. Keep it out in the hopes interest comes back to them later. Or heaven.


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How has it been going?

I know the people aren’t watching this blog, nor have they friended me on FB to get the notices, but I just want to say Thank You. The response to my inventory reduction sale has been fantastic.

Many critters are finding new homes and that means less I’ll have to store for eternity, delete, or figure out. It means a lot.

Pet Peddlers specials sold completely out. Kittycats got no love whatsoever. Wish I knew enough with dud boxes to trade me for mine. I’m going to send a lot of 7-8T cats to menagerie. But that’s okay. Not like there’s a shortage of those around.

The animals I am keeping out have food for a month, and that includes Pet Peddlers now. We were going to break from them and come back later after some baggies sold down, but with the extra funds from the sale, I picked up a small location where smmu and I can have a small group of 8 out. It’s paid for a month too.

Our New Aquarium

Our New Aquarium

Right now it looks as though the sale isn’t attracting people. Getting no visits to ads anymore. Other than some super cheap 10T ponies, the best have been taken. I’ll let it run to the end of our rental time still. A few more may find new homes yet.

In my breeding allowance I have room and food for two more dogs. Haven’t figured out which pair to work on. I have so many good ones I like! LOL

I did make a boo-boo in one of my ads. Sent it to a wrong group. Ooops! Realized it when I got a message saying my privileges were revoked within the group. Okay, I understand. Just found it odd and bad customer service to have it done without any communication warning me whatsoever.

Any group I’ve ever worked in, we gave a warning, understanding that mistakes commonly happened and it’s not always intentional. And it’s just good PR to talk to your people, in my opinion. No biggee for me. I just unjoined the group. Problem solved.


Yes, just as I told Lance I'd do, the erectus has been enlarged. *smirk*

Yes, just as I told Lance I’d do, the erectus has been enlarged. *smirk*

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