No pictures because they’re gone now

Taking a long break from Pet Peddlers. All those pretty fish I posted. All the rares I had. Gone now.  They’ve been chummed. No more in inventory.

I’m birthing and chumming the rest of my predators. The rest of the excess are deleted.  Got plenty of food stored, not chumming those. My deleting will help the data base out.

If they come to their senses and stop mucking about with people’s rights to do what they wish, and not take away the auctions which did NOT hurt sales, but only helped them.

And maybe study marketing 101 to gain some sense.


In the meantime, I’m not talking to anyone because they’ll only be mad at me, because I’m damned pissed off and they’ve tromped on one of my super pet peeves.

And that’s the end of that. Because I feel a quiet calm in me. Life is good. It’s not worth it to be pissed off at anyone.

I’m just choosing to be out of it, and not involved, and check back in six months to see how things progressed or did not progress. And then decide if I want to be involved.

In the meantime, I’m having loads of fun with the Biobreeds gang!


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Just chatting with myself

Yeah it’s me again. With another blog post.

I’ve come to think of this as a journal on charting my mood swings with the world of Second Life, because the stats show that occasionally one person looks at it, but no one else. Kind of pathetic, when you think about it.

I’m one of those sad souls who talk to myself a lot anyway. No biggee.

So…for two weeks I have some spots paid up. Trying two corrals at Kandy’s for ponies and dogs. So far traffic there is pretty good. Keeping the stand at The Farm for sure. Selling my stuff with a bit of Smmu’s and Gwen’s there that need the higher traffic.

Selling only biobreeds. Dropped the other breedables for sales. But am running four kittycats and some fish just for fun. Finally sorted the fish out, got Smmu’s back to her, plus the ones she chose to keep of my excess. I boxed up some regular fish for a friend, and started birthing to chum. Should have the chumming done in about two weeks. Didn’t have quite as many as I thought. Only a little under 100, after giveaways. LOL

First load to chum. Impressive group.

First load to chum. Impressive group.

Rose shade on green copper betta is cool looking. May breed this one for play.

Rose shade on green copper betta is cool looking. May breed this one for play.

Blue caribbean tang with swedish shade is really purple. Out of fireworks bubbles. Need to decide to keep or give away it and the sibling yet.

Blue caribbean tang with swedish shade is really purple. Out of fireworks bubbles. Need to decide to keep or give away it and the sibling yet.

Biobreeds has been a lot of fun. I’m happy. A few sales comes out here and there still to help with food costs. And the team is a delight.

I have a few new projects to play with, and then I’m trying to work towards deseeding my keepers in inventory. There’s not that many, really. Just going to take forever. I’m up to 18 ponies and 15 dogs out.  Think 35 is the limit my current space allows me.

Today starts the hunt for Breast Cancer support, so I’m guessing I’ll be in a good mood through the end of October about Second Life. And I’ll be checking in a lot when I can in between work in case anyone needs me.

Spring Lover: Spring hair on Roan Sunlight.

Spring Lover: Spring hair on Roan Sunlight.

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I said before I’m not playing the market game again

You may not agree with this post. I just ask you don’t try to justify the current happenings or change my mind. That won’t go over well with me. Just accept this is how I feel and I have a personal right to feel this way.

The controversy of what to charge for breedables on the marketplace is strong in the Pet Peddlers community right now. It’s been going on for awhile. They want meetings to get everyone to decide on a correct way to price the baggies. I’ve been there before. It’s a place I don’t want to return to.

There’s numerous points here for me:

1 – I was brought up in the breedables marketplace by Amaretto. It was fun selling for a lot of money. I enjoyed it. Still, I was uncomfortable with the selling part. (Fun part was how I got to hang out with a lot of cool and very fun people there.)

I horse traded to start out. Bought cheap. Bred and then sold at 1/2 price to bigger horse sellers. Eventually I made enough to buy the expensive starters and manage a big enough herd to get something new on my own.

There, a strong first showing of a trait or coat would bring in 100-200K or more. An insane amount I didn’t understand and just could not sell for. A close friend bred the horses as part of her day job, so we’d sell the same animals to her for 40K. Still a lot, but at least we felt a little better saving her from spending a lot more to find and get what she wanted.

In comparison, my top seller for weeks went for 25k a baby during one season.

Some seasons I made some extra money this way. It was a fun side-job while I went through my specialized training.

2 – As the marketplace waned down because buyers were starting to realize “hey! I’m spending a whole paycheck on a bunch of lousy pixels” and became smarter buyers, sellers who were used to making easy money started getting into a hissy fit.

I say “easy money” loosely. I alone had to breed 250 of the horses just to get one good sales line out. It ate a lot of the profits and took a lot of working time to make sure the right mares went to the right studs to do that effectively.

And there were a lot who bred more than I.

But I’m cool with this. I was always realistic with this breedables thing. It’s a game and they’re pixels.

Yet, many were not. It was to the point where if anyone tried to sell for less than 300L they got hate IMs and notecards from other sellers.

3 – Perhaps I insist on making this a fun game where money is not an issue for me because I’m a professional in the marketing field in real life. I come here to relax, not work at making a few lindens…and then get all hissy fit about it when someone else excercises their right to sell for what they want.

Now, people who follow me know I have my own battles with this. My line is worth what it’s worth to me and I do like to sell for so much. Then someone moves in next to me, and prices their similar line for 1/2 or less what I’m going for.

Yes, that sucks, and yes, I may whine a bit on my own blog about it…not to the creators. BUT it’s their right to do with their own danged stuff what they want. They could set it out for 0L for pete’s sake and it’s fully within their rights! Just as it’s my right to buy theirs and resell it.

I’ve done just that. I do just that often. And I’ve had people do the same to the ones I choose to cheap sell.

It’s why you don’t see me pay more than a week or two on my normal market spots. I am prepared to move if a copycat parks next to me to try outsell me. (Happy market spots are next to friends with same goals as I, often in different lines or breeds altogether.)

4 – I don’t believe the creator should get involved with the secondary market. AT ALL.

Yes, that may piss you off, but this is my opinion, as both an artist and writer of both physical and digital content.

The breedables are digital creations. The creator of the breedables is the only one truly due a set price for the packs and products they sell. It’s THEIR creations.

What we get as a result of breeding their creations is first luck from the starters, and then some work at breaking the genetic code with the specific combos we get. (This is the fun part for me and why I was so hooked on Amaretto.)

In either case, be it a breedable obtained from a lucky breeding or a specific line for set combination of traits, the price it sells for should be up to the individual seller. NO ONE ELSE.

See, this is called freedom, which is what I support.

Price fixing, whether it’s setting minimum sales amounts, peer pressure, or withholding support to certain markets and places and groups of people who fail to meet your self-imposed guidelines, is wrong. And illegal in most countries.

You can sugar coat it all you like. Don’t try to sweet talk me into thinking otherwise.

I’ve already heard the word “market killer” used once at auction. Honestly, it pissed me off. That’s a term I learned to detest back in the Amaretto days and it really sets me off. I almost killed everything off after that auction…no joke.
5 -Okay – it’s best I get out, because I’m one of the few who continually silently scream “They’re pixels dammit!”

You can’t tell me a fish is worth $40-100USD, or more. Lance is awesome at auctioneering and not even he has convinced me.

In fact, when that out-of-my-comfort-zone pricing started I told Smmu if we got a new breed drop and didn’t want to keep it for breeding for fun, we’d offer to our friends in private for 5K. First new drop of a breed, yes, I see that price. Trait that’s new very few of, or a special trait, I’d pay 2500L if I really wanted it for a breeding project. Just not the prices they’re going after.

And when I do sell something like that, I pay for a pack of food and find a way to pay it forward on what’s left.

Plus the fact that I’ve had loads of traffic with no direct sales for weeks at a time on the fish solidifies it. Perhaps that’s another message to me from the community. Not going to walk in my store and buy.

Not sure what it is about the fish. I had regular buyers and then LL messed with things and I haven’t seen those avis again, anywhere. I think they may have ditched SL. (This was my private sales area for 300L average each at a time others were selling for 1k and more too. I just can’t command the prices they do.)

So…at this time, unless Smmu says otherwise when she returns…I’m going to be chumming for foods and boxing up the rest of excess baggies to give to our friends. Cause I’m done with being involved with sales world of Pet Peddlers.

I reserve the right to sell for 100L, 50L, or 25L if I fricken choose. It MY property!! If I want to sell a darn turtle for 1k that’s my right. Still, don’t want to deal with it, so I picked up my food for sale and random givers. Done with it for real this time.

With the path they’re taking this with the meetings and the discouraging of lower prices…let’s just say I’ve been there. Don’t want to do it anymore.

This makes me very thankful that what turned out the last panel for me to be involved in was a good seller. I was able to “pay it forward” with the panels I bought after and dropping 1k into the tip jar. Even the sploder panel. Didn’t try to win the sploder panel…just wanted to make sure it got at least 3k. I would have stopped then, but got it at 2700L. I stuck another 300L into the sploder after to make sure it went up to 3k.

I’m not mad at PP or the community. I love them. Above is just my opinions about the marketplace and expressing what makes me happy.

If they can command the higher prices and sell at them, then great. I’m totally happy for them and wish them lots of fun doing it. Because when you like the market game and you’re a big player in it, it’s loads of fun.

And Pet Peddlers are wonderful people with an awesome product that very reasonably priced. I recommend it to everyone, whether you want to compete in the marketplace with them or if you just want to go my new route of breeding for fun and nothing else.

I’m choosing the ones I want to breed down into pet fish, and maybe holding back a few select baggies. The rest go to friends who are enjoying the market game or the chum bucket.

And I’m bringing out more BB now. Squee! Having a lot of fun coming up with new combos on the new pony traits. Just need to get Ozzie to bring out another coat to play with and maybe get him to allow more letters in the names. lol

So glad Biobreeds has stayed so fun. Sell for what you want, buy without guilt.

Camilla is growing up so pretty. She's got an open lemon boyfriend.

Camilla is so pretty. Thinking about doing a few more beagles.



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#secondlife Biobreeds Traits Cool Stuff

If you started breeding Biobreeds after playing with some of the other breedables, or if you’re new to breedables, pay attention. The traits may not work as you think they do.

First of all, this post is taking the place of one I deleted. I had misinformation and suffered from brain lapse, getting all worked up over something I should have known better.

I do stuff like that sometimes. Too much multi-tasking, I suppose.

Traits are not exclusive in the Biobreeds system.

This means, once a trait is created, it is released into the system so that all breeders have a chance for that trait to randomly show up.

The epics you buy in the Biobreeds stores and which are available for a short time…the traits they carry are released into the system. Just like any newly released traits are.

The unique one-of-a-kind epics you bid on and buy at the special fundraiser auctions…the traits they carry are released into the system. But they’re set to show up more rarely than with the other epic traits.

When you buy an epic, you’re paying for the coat on the animal, which does not pass.

The country edition epics you find in the stores that stay available permanently after their release, for something like 600L I believe, are not limited editions. But the only way to get an animal showing that coat is to buy that epic. (The coat is not a trait that passes.)

The epics Biobreeds periodically release and make available for 2 weeks at a time, usually at 1000L each, are limited editions. Once that sales period is up, there’s no more of those made.

The unique one-of-a-kind epics sold at the fundraising auctions for the highest bid are the only animals with that coat. On the pony’s traitopia page the Haida and the RFL Unique Hope are of this type. There’s only one showing those coats.

Another type of limited edition epic you may not know about are the tester ones. These were ones given to the beta testers, and only they got these coats. Once in awhile, one will show up at auction.

This may be very confusing for people. If you’re breeding Amaretto too, for instance, you’re probably used to the traits being exclusive to that horse and being able to only be passed down by breeding that horse’s line.

It’s not unreasonable for the brain to think the traits are exclusive to an animal when the animal is termed as a one-of-a-kind either.

Just keep reminding yourself. No traits with Biobreeds are exclusive. I know I’m doing that now. lol

I had a nice conversation with Ozzie on this, and did suggest that the one-of-a-kind editions in the future would be changed to have their traits exclusive to that animal and that animal’s line. It would definitely make it more valuable to me and worth a higher bid. And since it’s for charity…higher bidding is encouraged.

I also would like to see biochip editions have more than one trait, and for those traits to be exclusive. The editions did not end up having as strong of a perceived value in the market place as we expected. I think this would help.

Like my decision now. Do I use my chips to get a biochip edition, or am I better off buying a big starter pack with them and getting 1000 portions of food in the pack to use?

I still have not decided and need to. lol

Speaking of starters, there’s another interesting thing about traits in Biobreeds. This is different than many other breedables also.

The traits on your dog, pony, or exotic are decided at the time of its birth. Not at the crate’s creation.

This means if you buy some starter crates, whether they’re plain starters or epic editions, and then store them away, they can receive whatever traits are in the system at the time you take them out and birth them.

For example. Ozzie added starter coats to the exotics a year or so ago. Many had stored crates they didn’t use.

When these were birthed, many came out with the new starter coats on them.

When new traits and coats are released, you do not have to buy new starters in order to see the new starter coats, or have an animal that carries the new traits. You can use starters you have stored in inventory and birth those and get the same chance at something new as someone who goes buy more starters from the store.

This is super cool.


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#second life #breedables monday update

Breedables update from being gone for five days: Some really good drops, and no new sales. Traffic at both sites were very good for the week. Two drops went to my private buyer for 700L.

Last time I show traffic report for both. Right now I just have stands at The Farm and we have an overflow area for the moment. Not sure how long that will be available. We need to reset our goals.

I had started out in breedables as a horse trader – buy and sell. When I breed, sell at 50% to other sellers. Been thinking about returning to that while I’m on downtime and unable to breed as many critters. Or make it permanent if I won’t be able to breed a good number again due to life and SL’s shoddy management.

One thing that’s cool and crappy at same time is that my newest pony epics threw an unique hope hair. Cool hair. Feel bad that it’s in the system to be thrown at random. I’m of the opinion that the traits from the unique hope should have stayed unique to that stud and the stud’s line, and not be released into the system. Rare or not. Glad I didn’t win the bid for it now, but feel happy that the person who currently owns the unique epic bought it from me.

Okay so my addiction is not cured…at all. I had to buy Howl’s mega pack of pony crates. 250 crates. Yes, that could have ended badly. LOL But it did not. There were some cool epic surprises in it. I made 1500L of my investment back at the auction for a pair of them.

A few may be going towards the October Breast Cancer fundraiser auction that Trem and Luna will head up, thanks to Ozzie. Reserving a special random born one for it.

Rest of BB drops while I was away were a few duds and a few that gave what I was going for.

The one KittyCat pair gave a mega.

Fish gave a dud and one good baggy for me. They’re behaving very well. I gave away the sibling pair with ruby slippers eyes. To good friend.

Seems we’re starting to see the upswing to breedables sales. Thankfully many old friends are staying with Biobreeds. Still. Sad to see some good BB breeders giving up on it. Some are going to fish, while others are going to another grid.

The charities I follow haven’t established themselves in the areas I play in at the other grid, so keeping that part of me in SL. They’re there, just in fashion and clubbing more than other places. I’m not into that as much.

I think there are writer’s charity events on both SL and IW. Just have to catch it when they happen. And hope my schedule allows me to get involved.

Right now, I’m not on a regular schedule. Stepping into SL more often to keep an eye on Dee’s Designs during the hunt. And will hang with supportive friends when I can during the week. Keep me focused during Mom’s breast cancer and mind off a friend’s situation with another cancer.

Plus, prepare for a RL move and taking care of clients. And writing and publishing.

One of new herd. Appaloosa Black Magic. Male is epic. Females are with floral hair.

One of new herd. Appaloosa Black Magic. Male is epic. Females are with floral hair.

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just virtual world thinking

I think SL and I are starting to come to an understanding. But life, common sense, and my own goals are creating a definite set of rules for me.

1 – promote the RFL cancer fundraising in SL because here is where it works in the areas I play in.
2 – don’t breed breedables that are too expensive. Remember you’re playing a game. Play with creators who recognize it as a game. (And be happy they found a way to play and pay bills at same time.)
3 – you don’t need the whole danged zoo. Specialty breed!

There’s limitations to what purpose SL has in my life, but it’s not gone.

I still have a game family there. I need to spend some time each week with them. Granted, many are playing more on the kitely for their building and some are coming over to Inworldz, but still maintain a presence in SL. LL hasn’t driven the sim owners there away…yet.

Breedables are going to be awhile before up to my standards fully in Inworldz. Inworldz is really still in beta and will be for awhile. In the meantime, this makes SL worth playing in…and playing with the breedables.

Just not as much. Never again will I be running 250 animals. I miss those days. It was fun. But, let’s face it. Art, writing, and building up my business in RL is a lot more rewarding to spend that extra time on. Running the big herds served its purpose while I was going through the specialized training. And it gave a few extra dollars.

In my breedables rules there are three I’ll stick with. Biobreeds – awesome product and people. Pet Peddlers – awesome product and people. Kittycats – awesome product and people. In affordability it’s Pet Peddlers first, Biobreeds second, and then Kittycats.

One exception is the Wild Kajaera I keep in the moog system. Someday I may do a pair or two of those, just for fun. Not expensive to feed, just very prim heavy and script heavy. Not a fan of their high starter prices either, but that doesn’t matter for me. Just means they’re not on my list of breeds to play.

Fundraising. The fundraising is strong on Inworldz too, but areas of it are still forming. I’ve got some ideas of something I want to start if my sim works out. Keeping that to myself until I see for sure.

But Fundraising is still strong in SL and the breedables community is very giving for it. This is my strongest point for staying in SL.

Okay  Breedables for me…
1- Kittycats. Just play. Got two pairs breeding. Refusing to use cattery. Kittycats breeding with no prims used = getting too many. LOL
2- Wild Kajaera – the exception. About ten sacks in moog system. No plans in near future to bring them out. Just there for when the mood hits.
3 – Pet Peddlers – running about six breeding fish at a time. Rotating in and out of inventory as mood hits me. Wonderful since they go dormant in storage. Counted 100 baggies since last mass chumming session (maybe more if Smmu’s hiding some). Not sure if I’ll spend the money to rent a larger plot and do a mass chum or if I’ll just set out a super, super cheap giver on my Farm stand.
4- Biobreeds dogs – after Camelot store closes, I’ll have about six running. Probably 3 breeds to start: Dane, GS, and Shiba. Goal is to use existing lives to give crates to work with then heaven lives and move on to next breed. Only very special lives get stored now since healing sucks. Then after that’s done, when I do a pair, they get heavened or sold when done. NO STORAGE.
5 – Biobreeds ponies/exotics – same no storage rules as above. Right now working in new hairs ponies and haida hair arctics. Been private selling successful crates. New count is 11 total breeders.

And in all the virtual worlds – taking pictures. Going to use some scenes in a few book trailers, if I can figure this out. My cover artist is also a musician and he sent me 500 original tracks to choose from.


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The Monday update…

Wasn’t sure if I’d get to post this. I’ve been so busy.

This is the next to the last traffic count I’ll give for both spots. I am going to keep the two small stands at The Farm. Prime location and it’s something to keep ‘in touch’ with while I’m on low operation mode.

Weekly traffic at both was strong this week. Camelot actually did a little better number-wise. The Farm has been holding at its new steady number since Linden Labs made the latest swing into stupid-ville.

Overall, since LL has made many leave and stop breeding as a side, the new normal numbers appear to be about 20% lower. During this time, direct sales have lowered to be almost nothing for me. Judging from what I see, if I had remained a big breeder I’m guessing I would have seen a cut of about 40% in sales.

As it is now, I just get what I do from the few people I exchange with personally. I think it’s been four weeks since I’ve had what I call a true direct sale. Maybe three. I’m really not watching enough to know for sure. At any rate, all expenses are on my gaming allowance minus a little food money my private exchanges give me.

Still, I’m breeding what I love. Fish, kittycats, and Biobreeds. Right around 27 animals total.

Life’s a royal mess right now and I really hope I can keep that going. Time will tell.

Still, one gets very worried with the Gods of cyber world seem to be yelling at you to do something. At every turn, when we become optimistic and decide to do something, there’s a new thing that happens and which says in loud voice “LEAVE SECOND LIFE!”

LOL we haven’t given in, yet. And I suspect I’ll keep a couple animals and stay in for as long as it’s a viable inworld I can manage without paying a lot. And as long as I feel as if I’m doing SOMETHING there.

I’ll be honest. I’m not sure I am doing anything a lot of the time. I’m being watchful and seeing how things go over the next few months while we figure life out, and how I see how our sim fits in and performs Inworldz.

My regular buyers for BB have left for other parts. Actually haven’t seen some of my regular PP buyers either for awhile. So, for breedables it’s what RFL themed fundraising I can be with and the friends I play the breeding game with.

Wondering if I’m meant to sell anymore. Can’t make the auctions and when I’m able to, they oddly don’t go as planned. Taking time to think this one over.

BB auctions are ones I’d like to stay with. Although some of the old gang have left, there’s still enough familiar faces around there to be comfortable with. And Ozzie is working on seeing if there can be a BB auction for Breast Cancer fundraising through the Making Strides campaign.

I sent a notecard to Fisher too, but haven’t heard anything on if there will be a PP one. I actually was going to organize one with Gwen and Lance myself, but life is too unpredictable for me and no chance for scheduling things this important. I had to back out.

Instead, I’ve created five versions of a gift pack through Dee’s Designs for people who will attend the auctions. Like I said, I expect a Biobreeds one to happen. Not sure if there will be a Pet Peddlers one.

I hope the Making Strides campaign raises a lot of funds for Breast Cancer. I hope I get some contribution through the hunt Dee’s Designs is in for it. We’re gone for family duty for my parents this weekend so I have everything set up for it now.

I have an anthology set out for sale at Dee’s Designs too. All royalties on sales through there and through the online areas for the anthology go to Breast Cancer through December 31st.


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