Stop telling people to clear cache all the time please

Sorry…I just gotta say this somewhere. I’m driven nuts by people telling newbies to clear their cache every time something disappears. You don’t need to anymore and it often causes more harm than good after for the user. NOT ME saying this….the viewer creators and actual experts in this field.

How the cache works changed over two years ago, yet I’m still seeing over and over people telling others to clear their cache.

In fact, I contacted someone I trusted who is “ordered” to say this to ask the reason why. And this person didn’t understand it either. This person knows the same information I do.

A person in my game family who’s major techie in SL said it best:

Clear the cache when:

  • When making a Clean  install.
  • When you have a texture problem you cannot solve any other way.
  • When you have an inventory problem you cannot solve any other way.

Most other problems are aggravated by a cache clear.

Key thing to note here: when you have an inventory problem you cannot solve any other way.  Usually a simple relog solves those issues.

In my experience, probably due to my internet service, when I have an actual problem I have to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of SL. (Using Firestorm.)

But not for everything.

Newbies don’t read the forums or go to the viewer classes as a whole. I do think those who instruct the newbies should attend the classes, so they know to stop giving bad information. The people I see doing this everyday are the type of individuals I know that care about people and wouldn’t want to do this, if they knew.

Here’s an SL forum thread on this:

Here’s a good post to read on this that the above references:



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#SecondLife #Biobreeds #Breedables weekly update

New Halloween epics, Corgis on the way, and finally some really well done wolves.  Read on to see pictures, my thoughts and my weekly update.

Second Life has kind of, sort of been behaving for me this past week. Which is nice, considering I popped in a bit more to check on things during my down time with the cold. Although I wasn’t really as aware as I should have been, due to laying my head back and closing eyes much of the time.

I now have two traffic areas to watch. The Farm, where I kept my small stands, and at Kandy’s Rare Breeds market. I cut back renting, meaning I cut back supporting my land group. Kandy belongs to the same group, so I rented smaller spots from her to help keep supporting my land group and showcase some critters.

The Rare Breeds market is really close to The Farm’s traffic counts. They’re both the highest I’ve found for Biobreeds traffic.

Sales are sporadic at each location. Sales are like that all over right now.

The Farm is nearly full. Rare Breeds has some open spots. I say that’s due to the natural breeder rotation time. I noticed that through the years, about every three months, breeders tend to cull their stock and reorganize for the next upcoming round of breeding.

I also believe a lot of breeders are gearing up for the wolves to release. I suspect Rare Breeds spots will fill up once they come out.

Smmu and I are closing our overflow area when the rent runs out in a few days time. Much of what I have out at Rare Breeds for sale will be dealt with in a week also. Heavened or boxed up for storage. Not sure which yet.

The ponies may just be heavened, even the epics. Seems there’s plenty of those epics around so not sure hanging on to them is going to do any good. The four sell down danes will be heavened. I have deseeded ones for my own use in inventory and don’t need them.

I’m going to let go of my one RFL pony mare from this year. She’s given both of the coats I dislike, and none of her own coat, which I do like. I don’t think she wants to stay with me. LOL Not sure if she’ll go to Thursday’s auction or if I’ll set her out at Rare Breeds.

The Blues. I just love the Blues ponies. They stay with me. I intend on selling one when I’m done with it, but love them so much, I wonder if I don’t end up keeping all three. LOL

In a week, I start the fast line breeding on the black appaloosas. Be a quick make male and female siblings, heaven parents, move on to next line. May go five generations before doing anything else.

This week, I took out and healed Hades grandson, Dark Trem, to go with the Zeony Majesty with the Candy Ice Hair. She’s also got a parent with the Unique Hope hair. Hoping to get a few gens of the hair on majesty with them.

Finish Argos and then he gets to breed no more. Bad dog.
Shibas – move on to next gen for new traits. Finish the blue girl.
Pugs – starting new goals with them.
Danes – finish deseeding the two for storage.
Pepi will come back out when ones out are deseeded.
Beagle – may move breeding set to sales corral and try to let them go. Males to match the female go for over my budget allowance, and she’s not making me a son to toss back to her.

Everything is conditional on my money situation, which still is to be determined. Hit a snag in RL that I need a month to get through. I took what I had left and paid up for the places we’re keeping for a few weeks. Hoping to make enough for food during that time in sales.

And hope I can squeeze a little somewhere to get a set or two of the halloween epics before they’re taking down. I mean. They’re so cool this time!

Biobreeds Halloween Epics on sale tomorrow. Really cool looking!

Biobreeds Halloween Epics on sale tomorrow. Really cool looking!

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My Virtual Friendships Joys and Mishaps

Let me see if I can think well enough to get through a few of my blogs today. I call my doctor tomorrow and hope to get worked in within a few days’ time. Seems I cannot get through this without meds.

My friends have been on my mind for a long time. Friends are easy to find and make in the virtual world. You just have to connect with people who have something in common with you within the game or platform you’re reaching out on, and work to not let RL intervene “too” much.

Keeping them long-term depends on so many other factors though. Going through those would take too long for a blog post, so not writing about that here.

When it comes to conflicts and mishaps, I’ve had one major mishap with a friendship.

I started on message boards for writing, then progressed to playing Urulive and meeting a close friend who created a bevin (neighborhood) within the game. We then went on to create a RP website game of our own with its own ongoing story.

We had message boards for our group. I convinced another good friend from there to join Second Life when the myst games were taken down for a few years. We got along great, things started off really good in SL, then it just went…weird.

This second close friend was also close to the first friend. Sorry for any confusion but to protect identities, the first close friend I was in the webgame creation with is #1 and the second close friend we convinced to try SL is #2.

But #2 said some really, really bad things about #1 to me when #1 was going through a rough time and gone. The type of things friends do not say about friends. I never told #1 about this.

#2 and I wasn’t having a good relationship from my point of view either. The situation turned into an almost needy, stalker-ish weird type of situation. I broke things off with #2 and even went into spending time as another avi instead to get away from the situation.

#1 and I fell apart naturally, although we’re still considered friends. #1 lost a lot of interest in the Myst work. My interest in the area increased. Kind of sad really. I was a nobody in Myst, while #1 had a wiki entry and other acknowledgements.

This made me a bit gunshy. Even years later, if things get uncomfortable, I tend to change things up so I’m out of the picture.

Like now. I haven’t reconnected with the PP crowd since the whole secondary market drama came on. I think it’s over now and people have adjusted to it.

Either my absence was noticed at the same time, or someone erroneously saw my FB intros to my posts and reported to others what I may or may not have said. Why my first few lines of posts don’t say much anymore. I feel people weren’t reading through and thinking they knew what I said.

I disapproved. I freely admit that. I went into great detail about why in a previous post. Then I unjoined the land group for it and just “disappeared” from the PP auctions and market world.

It’s their decision on how to play the game. If I don’t enjoy their way, it’s not my place to try to get everyone else to change. This was the best way I can be nice while letting them set up the game the way they need to.

Yet, my words or disappearance, or both, seems to not have settled well with many people. I’ve noticed the absence of some people at the Breast Cancer auction, which they knew was important to me, and a few other places individuals normally showed up at.

And no one has reached out to say they miss me, or Smmu, for that matter. We talked. We get it. Heard the silence loud and clear.  And it’s okay. We won’t bother them anymore.

Well…I say this loosely. Must remember that SL doesn’t like me in general. Many messages don’t get through to me, so there is a chance someone has reached out and I missed it.

But still, I understand that RL and SL gets very hectic and very busy. “Coddling” an avi is just not convenient. Nor do I expect it.

I do keep watch on the group and the market. It seems like they’re working things they want, seems like a ton of auctions now, so that implies some strong interest still. That’s good. Good people. I hope they do well.

I may be back with them next year, once things are really settled in and I’ve worked through some of what I have for extra BB. I can’t say for sure when I’ll reconnect with the PP crowd.

RL is a mess with all the cancer stuff, my illness that I hope is nothing abnormal, and the family stuff going on.  I just can say I miss them, think about them often, and hope they’re all doing well.


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#MakingStridesinSL #BreastCancer Awareness Biobreeds fundraising Auction

It’s the Biobreeds Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Second Life auction today! Keep reading this post…there’s lots of good stuff in here! And then join us at 1pm SLT at the BB Auction House on The Farm sim.

As some of you may or may not know, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August of this year. So I added promoting Breast Cancer Awareness to my list of charities to work on during the months of September and October.

I support RFL efforts every year through the breedables and homes and garden type of sales, hunts, and faires. Mainly just by being a cheerleader and reserving so much money for my donations at that time of year. Usually for four months out of the year, now I’ve added two more.

First, I set up a store called Dee’s Designs in honor of my mother. Mostly rugs and vases right now. (In SL. A partner store in IW will have a lot more.)

Then, I decided to encourage the breedables community to get in on the fundraising action. And we have Biobreeds this year!

Ozzie, Trem, and Luna have generously agreed to give their time and efforts to helping promote this great cause. Ozzie’s even given up a pair of Halloween Epics to one panel at the low opening bid. These epics aren’t even released yet!

As a added note, there would be more auctions arranged for this month, as a few other auctioneers and breeders have shown their willingness to support this, but I had to back out on arranging more events this year. Life has taken a few turns, besides with Mom, and I could’t commit to spending time at all auctions.

For this year, there’s one. Next year, there may be more. Biobreeds is the main breedable I breed, thus the first I went to. Next year, I’ll see about getting a few other breedables auctions approved for the cause and be able to donate more of my time.

We have an awesome line up of critters to auction off, donated by many more super awesome breeders! Trem and Luna are your hosts today, and I guess I’m considered a host too since this auction is my fault.

Rare epics available for bidding include a random born 2012 Christmas pony still in the crate, Third Anniversary epics still in their crates, Epic Great Danes, St. Patrick’s Day exotics breeding pair, and of course, the pair of yet to be released Biobreeds Halloween Epics donated by Biobreeds!

Many people brought animals to match the theme of pink, so there’s a lot of pink coats and hairs. But some very awesome trait lines included in addition to matching the pink theme. Ten traited ponies, epic hairs, double shaded dogs, and high traited dogs to choose from.

There’s even a pair of pink camo beagles on a panel. So sweet!

Come visit us and have fun! If you don’t have much Lindens don’t worry, we just want to see you anyway. There’s raffles for you to join in on and I’ll have free gifts there for everyone who comes.

1pm SLT in Second Life at The Farm

Free gifts for all who attend by me. Choose one or all of them, I don't care.

Free gifts for all who attend by me. Choose one or all of them, I don’t care.

One of the raffle walls showing the great decor and selection.

One of the raffle walls showing the great decor and selection.

Here's the other raffle wall. All proceeds go into the Breast Cancer kiosk!

Here’s the other raffle wall. All proceeds go into the Breast Cancer kiosk!

One set of panels - people brought pink and loads of traits for Breast Cancer!

One set of panels – people brought pink and loads of traits for Breast Cancer!

Middle section of the panels. Loads of awesome goodies there to promote Breast Cancer awareness!

Middle section of the panels. Loads of awesome goodies there to promote Breast Cancer awareness!

Last set of panels for today's auction. All sales and money taken in go into the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer kiosk!

Last set of panels for today’s auction. All sales and money taken in go into the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer kiosk!


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Back to the Fissure again in #MystOnline

This first paragraph is filler material. That’s because just the first few lines show up through my FB profile and I’m pretty sure some read those lines, thinking they knew what my entire post said. I prefer people click through to read the entire post if they care about what I say. Otherwise just admire the pretty picture and ignore me. :-)

Don’t read my full posts, you may get mad at me for nothing. At least if you read it and you’re pissed at me, you’re making a properly informed decision. Same for if you still like me after reading my thoughts. :-P

The recent game meltdown for and the need to restart all of our avies again is not only fun, but enlightening.

I’ve heard a few people say “myst is dead”, “no one goes there anymore”, etc. etc.  Well, when our avies have accomplished all of their tasks, I’ll admit we don’t go into the game for as long of a time. Some of us only show up for certain events within the cavern.

But this meltdown has proven one thing. Mystonline is certainly not dead. People love it still and they’re willing to work to hang onto it. I mean A LOT of people. Even I was shocked at how many and I knew there was still a lot.

See – not everyone wants to create violence on the virtual screen to tell a story. Some of us like working with things that make us think and letting our creativity out. Some of us like the family atmosphere that mystonline lets us have. (Although some idiots in the cavern do try to ruin public chat with their stupidity still.)

Elpis is back in the cavern. I’ve completed almost all the books now, after finally settling down and actually playing the game instead of admiring all the details I couldn’t see before.

Ahnonay is still giving me fits. For some reason, I insist on doing one of the steps wrong and can’t get the dang door to open. Not sure why that Age is such a bugger for me. Always has been.

Well, I haven’t started Minkata yet. Fighting the cold yet, and a heavy heady feeling is not good to do math with. lol And I’m going to sit down and explore the various ways to solve this Age.

One thing about Minkata is that there’s more than one way to solve the puzzles…I think. I mean, not everyone will have stopwatch and be able to get the compass turns just right. So a good guide is going to know some helps for each kiva to assist those explorers having troubles. I’m trying to get my notes to fit that.

So, here I am back to my roots, so to speak. This is where I first learned about virtual worlds. Where I first took my introvert paranoid self and learned that the pixel people weren’t going to leap out of the screen and become real mass murderers in my house.

Where I learned that there really are companies who care about their customers and their staff. Where they all become part of one big happy family.  And that people in pixel land are still just as real as in our daily life.

There’s sharing and caring. There’s morons. There’s people choosing sides, and mad at you when your side is not theirs. But there’s togetherness and family-like community too where one finds support to get through their life’s challenges.

There’s a place where the ending has not yet been written.


Elpis prepares to jump into the fissure once again, reliving old memories and making new ones.

Elpis prepares to jump into the fissure once again, reliving old memories and making new ones.

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#Biobreeds #breedables update

This first paragraph is filler. I know that’s not good for SEO, and would never tell my clients to do this, but I don’t care about SEO. I am concerned that this goes to my FB account and people read the first few lines, thinking they know what I’m saying, when they really don’t.

I’m a little afeared some of my friends are not happy with me because of this right now. At least, no one’s bothered to reach out to me since I’ve had to stand back and just do the Biobreeds. Maybe they’re busy. I don’t know. Very possible. Lord knows I’m swamped, and then SL just doesn’t want to work for me half of the time anymore.

I’ve always loved the black appaloosa coats. So I’m breeding a set of them with goals of working the new hairs onto them. I received the first mare from Chuck with the floral hair. Then had a few starters with the coat and eventually got a male with Spring hair.

But today I got Ribbon hair on the coat and I love it more. Birthed this male to take the place of the other male. The Spring haired one gets a week to woo the ladies before he goes out for sale.

I also picked up from Chuck a nice Zeony Majesty with Candy Ice hair. Sweet looking girl. Birthed her today to go with one of the Zeony Majesties I’ve held back. Maybe Trem’s line.

I don’t normally cross the exotics and ponies, but think this will be fun.

Traffic’s good at my spots, sales still happening. Definitely a slow turn right now for breeders and buyers, which is normal, but still very active.

This week I need to go through my herds and decide on who goes and who stays, based on what they’ve given so far. Need to make room for a few corgis and wolves, and a few more epic halloween starters.

Candy Ice hair on Zeony Majesty coat. Sweet looking girl.

Candy Ice hair on Zeony Majesty coat. Sweet looking girl.

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An extra update for me

I’m very happy with my new breedables set up. Sales are getting back to normal. All spots are for BB with good BB traffic flow. I have close to 35 BB critters now.

Officially don’t have any PP fish left in inventory and just the last ten out to chum in the morning. Rest are deleted or given away to someone new in PP. I also gave her about 18k portions of predator food. The bowl after I chum this last group goes to a friend.

Very relieved to be separated from that mess and more than happy to start over with starters and buys from friends should I check in like six months and wish to get involved again.

Pretty sure the BB will take me that long anyway. LOL Counted my lives I need to deseed or make offspring from before heavening that I’m rotating out of inventory…will take me about six months, I’m sure.

Second group I chummed this morning.

Second group I chummed this morning.

third and last group I chum in the morning, then I'm done for awhile.

third and last group I chum in the morning, then I’m done for awhile.

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