twists and turns in real life and second life

There’s not so much of a twisty and turny tale in this blog post. Mostly a case of rambling. Nothing too much is happening in Second Life for me during the holiday season, but the animals have been good to me.

November Owl Gown by my friend Kerryth of Spyralle. Love this gown, even though mesh still makes my avi butt look big. lol

November Owl Gown by my friend Kerryth of Spyralle. Love this gown, even though mesh still makes my avi butt look big. lol

Can’t give a good traffic report this week. Because I’m wondering if I messed it up. According to the counter at The Farm, traffic is down by half the normal for last week. I don’t think that’s right, as I see activity there all the time, unlike other places.

I do wonder if I reset it 1/2 way through the week and forgot. But maybe not. It was the week long maintenance time.

Through months of cutting back, heavening and boxing for low sales prices, I’ve managed to bring down my stored lives to the point of all deseeded ones, except for a low number of 36 that need to be deseeded still. Awesome!

I hope I can continue with the auctions Mondays and Thursdays, but fear more cuts in my time will come. We’ve had a turn in our Real Life. Nothing too major, but added duties to my end of things. Maybe I can do some while listening to auction like I did today, maybe I cannot.

We shall see.

Otherwise, in between BB auctions, sometimes chat turns me off in between times and I just leave.  Especially with seeing the troubles customers are having with one group. I feel bad for some friends who are doing their best to hold down the fort, while the bosses get things figured out.

I hope things work out and they’re able to get a good team going so they can better handle times like this better in the future.

And, Ozzie, psst! If you happen to visit here soon. INWORLDZ!  Sooooo much better.


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Secondary Market talk

Biobreeds Wild Ones releasing soon

Biobreeds Wild Ones releasing soon

I tried to close this out and get away from this discussion area, then someone contacts me to gripe about not being able to sell their animals. Times are slow all over on a routine basis throughout the breedable kingdom. It happens.

Doesn’t matter if you’re breeding a new release or old release, the results are the same. And dependant upon the other breeders routines too.

This discussion focused on Biobreeds, and it didn’t quite get to the point of saying they demand BB do something about the secondary market. It felt as though that’s the direction it was going and I did my best to politely discourage further discussion.

My views on the topic are still rude and would not be a good thing if I said what I thought.

But here, I’m more open. Will try to be polite where possible. But really?

1 – it’s a game.
2 – you should never ever play more than you’re able to pay for comfortably. NEVER.
3 – the creator does this: designs and creates the animal, and the tools you need to breed the animal, such as foods and supplements.
4 – the breeders do this: hang out with like breeders to exchange with, either through auctions, trading, or both. It’s a community.

Breeding animals is not meant to be lucrative, nor easy.

Easy to make babies, not so easy to make the right traits of babies.

The breeding code is not something to be broken overnight. It takes months of breeding to set in a coat with the right traits sometimes.

And, if they haven’t before this point, this is where some breeders lose the real purpose of the breedable game. To have fun. Instead, they focus on all the L’s they spent in food and tiers to get to that point, and then get all frustrated when they can’t sell the animals to reflect their cost.

News flash: This is not the point of playing the game.

I understand. I really do. I’ve felt the same frustrations. Especially after I’ve pocketed $200USD in extra income from selling critters for a few months, and then suddenly interest stopped in what I was breeding.

I stomped my feet and cried, “somebody fix this!”

Then, I realized I had succeeded only in ruining the game for myself by demanding people pay a certain amount for good animals all the time.

Now, at that point, the next round of release came about and I was back up again soon.

But it wasn’t the same. My eyes had been opened to how wrong the situation was. And I ditched the market game.

So, let’s use Biobreeds as an example, for they’re bringing out a wider variety of animals than most, and work a little differently than some breedable creators.

I expect to get complaints of “flooding the market” with too much and too many traits at some point. Most breeders won’t have been with Biobreeds since creation and others may have forgotten the original goals.

The original goals of this company has been and still is to this day a goal of offering a huge amount of breedables. Not to “specialize” as some say it.

Not to “fix” the secondary market either, as a few creators think they have the job of doing. Which is sad. Not only is that wrong, but their time needs to be spent on their product.

Luckily, Biobreeds realize this. Now they do need to do some things to help increase interest in their product and help alleviate some space on the database. All creators must think of these things. And some of these things in turn help the Secondary Market.

Now, we should choose to be customers for creators who listen to our likes and dislikes. Who think of the interest building and database. Listen to us, yet not be controlled by us…for the good of all.

Biobreeds has many tools for this beyond creation to use:
1 – Their sponsored market places. Biobreeds was created by people already in the business of running breedable markets. Continuing this, and continuing to sponsor auctions on these markets is a good business building venture.
2 – Biochips. They set up a wonderful biochip catalogue on the website.
3 – Epics. Some to sell. Some out for free. For this company, they do the right amount, in my opinion.
4 – Fairs. Biobreeds participates in a few fairs a year.
5 – Charity. In conjunction with the fairs, they sometimes sponsor charity auctions. And donate a lot!
6 – Unique features. Biobreeds animals can be reseeded. Biobreeds are pets who require no food when they are out of seeds. Biobreeds are fun to interact with. Biobreeds are easier on sims than many scripted animals and items.

Improvement? Yes, there’s always room for improvement.

One improvement I feel strongly about is the biochips.

Improve the biochip epics to be more rare and unique in their traits…like traits only available through their breeding line, and not released in the database. Increase interest in using biochips for them and for exchanging their lines.

Update and improve the catalogue. This person who talked to me had a good idea. Allow the biochips to be for food. Now, it’s a good idea, but I can’t say I strongly support it. Simply because I don’t know the BB finance numbers well enough of what actually does happen to make a true judgement call.

If that’s not a good idea, at least let the biochips buy more by updating the catalogue to let us turn them in for more breeds, or increase how many we get per critter. Or both.

In my opinion, getting aggressive with the biochips will help increase interest plus help us cut down on waste a bit more.

But hey! I applaude the community races and shows they put on and give biochips at as prizes. Well done!

Not a total answer. If you think otherwise, go tour the Amaretto sims. Excellent turn in points for unwanted animals and they often do double points days during a release. It helps, but there’s still a huge population out there.

Still, it helps.

As for traits with the Biobreeds, I doubt we’ll see a lot change from first release of the breeds, other than when an epic trait is added in. They have been letting some traits out on older breeds as their turn comes up due to requests, but I’m sure there’s a cap on how many each breed will be allowed.

Personally, I hope this also means there won’t be any retiring of traits either. People cry “they need to retire some” in other breedables and those others do it. To what end? Nothing. Animals carrying the gene for the trait in their code still breed it, and nothing retired really becomes rare. More than one breedable has done this with the same results. Nada.

“Too many starter coats” out there was one comment. Well, yes there would be wouldn’t there? Because many people breed for the starter coats. I’ve got a few I do that for…like black and tan dobermans, my favorite coat of that breed.

To be fair, I think this person was actually referring to too many plain starter coats with no set breeding lines behind them. This is true too. Some hobby breeders don’t watch the markets. Don’t care about the market game. They just want to have fun with the animals, and probably wouldn’t care if they got 10L for the offspring.

Ooh yes…people sometimes want the creator to step in and stop sellers from selling too low.

NO! Totally wrong.

Yes, some sims set a minimum amount of what can be out for sale. Same for auctions.

That situation is not as clear as the creator being involved. Sometimes the price requirement is to make sure the market only is showcasing a certain type of breeding.

Now, Biobreeds does have minimum 100L advertising in their group. Doesn’t mean you can’t advertise your lower priced animals, just means you can say what they’re priced at.

Sadly, people like to “hate” cheap sellers publicly and this is more to protect such individuals. It used to be really bad a few years ago in groups. Luckily, people have gotten used to a wide variety of pricing and it’s not so bad now.

I do think if a multi-breedable market sim initiates a minimum price on products to meet a certain community goal that it should not be prejudiced. The minimum price should be for EVERYTHING.

Just my opinion there. Just smacks of discrimination towards some and preference towards others.

Bottom line is that the creators make the product and the breeders make the secondary market.

Some aspects of the secondary market are going to happen, no matter how hard you try. There’s going to be over population once a product grows so big, buyer response is going to go through cycles of being good and bad, and some things just won’t sell for what we perceive their value to be in our own minds.

Plus, Second Life’s F-ups have finally worn many people down. They’re now unwilling to do as much on that grid or pay as much to do it. Nothing you can do about that.

I’ll say right now, if Biobreeds set up shop in Inworldz, I’d phase out Second Life for everything except for popping in to see my game family members there once a week.

It’s not worth it.

Even in Biobreeds. I used to invest and work hard in SL. Even spending up to 10K to get a quality animal.

No longer. I’m seriously indulging and have sold something good beforehand if you see me spend 1k or more on anything now.

SL’s shoddy way of doing business, messing with our copyrights and driving my business out of SL, and their inept system crammed full of so much useless stuff that it drives the PG-rated people crazy to deal with, plus the many stupid actions in previous years…well, like I said. It’s not worth it.

So, the secondary market belongs to us.

What do I think would help it on our end?


The CSRs do wonderful in helping in chat, and other breeders. But offering breeding classes, interactive classes, etc would help so much.

Trust me. If Second Life wasn’t such a pain, I’d offer to help with this.

But I know there’s many other elder breeders who are socially more adept than I and who still love being in Second Life. Perhaps someday some of them will band together for some excellent classes.

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My breedables pre-planning

Grabbed one of my favorites before Kerryth retired it from her store.

Grabbed one of my favorites before Kerryth retired it from her store.

I have an astounding 11 fiction publications coming out next fall, varying from novella sized to full sized books, so I’ve been very busy and unable to actually play inworld a whole lot.

But I will be touring around the wonderful sims created by others for inspiration on descriptions and so forth. The virtual worlds are fantastic for this, along with watching youtube videos of real life places, when you’re dealing with fricken cold weather like we are here now.

Don’t be surprised if I pass on pictures and comments about places here during these explorations.

For this week’s breedables update: sales have been helpful and traffic is strong at both Kandy’s and The Farm. In fact, The Farm’s count is to the level it was at before SL screwed up the grid and ran people off.

I don’t think that means much in itself. People are probably walking about, gearing up for the holiday festivities. The Farm auctions have been low. Normal for now, though, so not something that concerns me.

Most panels were set up for today’s auction when I went in to check, but still see some empty. I fear this week’s server testings have people deciding not to commit to too much this week. We all know all too well how SL loves to mess things up during auctions.

While writing this, the billing maintenance was resolved at least.

Means I could try using marketplace for the added forest decor I need. Wish to set up one of our home plots for the new Wild Ones through Biobreeds that should be releasing soon.

And I have to resort and rethink expense management. I started thinking I’d turn in biochips for packs to take the food and resell the starter crates/kennels for more food money.

Well, not really going to work exactly. Biobreeds have told me that the Wild Ones will take different food. Logical. Just means the above plan doesn’t work exactly as I originally thought.

Still works. Just have to figure what food I need for the other breedables instead and decide from that end which I want to use my biochips for.

The biochip epics don’t appeal to others as much as we expected. In my opinion, changing these to have exclusive traits to be passed down by breeding only and not releasing those traits into the database in general would help. Even if they are rare.

And make them have two or three to pass down instead of just one.

Now this wouldn’t solve the issue totally. We’ve seen how this works in other breedables. The traits still manage to get out into the secondary market pretty well with breeding only because of offspring being sold.

But it may help make people more interested in them.

Who knows? People are fickle. Sometimes you really cannot predict what they will and will not respond to. But I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt.

I’m also hoping to see a new pony coat come about soon too. The 10T ponies are so common people aren’t that interested anymore. I couldn’t bring myself to cheap sale mine, and didn’t want to hoard so I gave all but about 5 away.

Those are waiting in storage for when a new coat arrives.

Enough for today. Everyone have a nice day. I’m off to write more and hope the maintenance ends before auction time.


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I left my friends because I care

This post is for a breedable creator, and the friends I took myself from. I did it because I care deeply about the group members.

It’s sad when the slow cycles of the breedables season hit and people become stressed over it. This is a game, meant to be a stress release and a source of enjoyment.

This season seems to be hitting a few individuals a little more hard than in the past. I’m sorry to say I realize I may a source of stress for one individual.

That wasn’t my intent. I disagreed with something the creator initiated and pulled myself out of the community for a few months to let them deal with it and decide how to run their business.

I disagreed vehemently and vented here on the blog about it. But just quietly took myself out of the picture inworld. Because I care for and love the people involved in this, even the creators, and did not want to be a source of friction.

Sadly, the creator has been going through something very serious and it’s affected their business. They’re neglecting people and what people really need to know about maintaining their product line.

I gave everything I had away to a new breeder. I see where many others either packed up for another day, deleted or did the same.

It’s sad. I understand there’s something going on with the creator, but the creator has been around and the information is still not available through group for their customers.

Some customers have said if they were just told something, they’d be able to understand better and just wait. But if anything is being told, it’s only to those who attend whatever gatherings they group together with. Like auctions.

Yes, as many who read this blog may know, it’s Pet Peddlers. Wonderful group of people, who are obviously going through some life issues I am not in the know of.

Forget that I’m not happy about a creator wanting to intrude and dictate to the secondary market. I’m just one customer, who chose to separate myself from that.

And who misses having the wonderful breedable at home. :-(

But this issue has gone deeper than that. The absence of any public word from the creator is hurting other people now. It’s gone on so long.

I lurk around and see people giving up on the breedable because they can’t be assured of customer service. I see supporters taking the brunt of griping from other customers, which is stressful when you don’t have the answers they need.

I also know that new breeder isn’t bringing out all the baggies and fish I gave her because she doesn’t know how to deal with the 18k of chum I gave her. I’ve searched all public places for information on this…nothing.

No chat notices on how to deal with old chum bowls. No instructions on the new chumming station notecard. Nothing in the updater’s notecards.

This is not good.

I look at my food pellets in inventory and wonder if I should just delete them, take the loss and forget about it.

I beg Pet Peddlers to fight through what’s happening in their life and just send out a notecard. Even if it’s to say we’re sorry but the things we’re going through are taking longer to resolve and ask people to hang on.

The ones who don’t go to gatherings, who don’t do auctions, are also your customers. They’ll also understand if they’re informed.

I wish Fisher and Voodoo all the best and hope they can work through whatever’s going on. They’re terrific people.

On a selfish note, I hope they work through it. I miss my fishies.

I may not join the market community again, due to the secondary market thing. Even through the back door, some of the options they voiced is price fixing. No matter how low. And it seems many who say what goes on are for it, so I choose not to be involved in that part of it.

I have my own battles in that with Real Life business to deal with and stress over. I will not do it in a game. Hence, I separate myself until it dies down so I don’t add stress to those I care deeply about.

Still, I’m sad to see the situation is still stressing those fighting so hard to keep things up. I hope they get some help at being able to enjoy the game again soon.

And I apologize for the times my ranting made me come through wrong. I feel strongly about the topic, and hope it’s just taken as that, and not added drama.

I will not reach out myself to others and discuss this inworld. If others reach out to me, as they have, I just politely say I’ve taken a break from PP due to Real Life duties and such.

Which is true too.  I needed to cut back on what I’m doing. Too expensive to live in SL. I had my health to get under control and since secondary market issues like this is a source of stress, I wanted to back off to hobby breeding.

It worked. I’m not in the “you’re going to die” high blood pressure range. How bad was it? Well, I’m still higher than most and I dropped 30 points. To be honest, I’m surprised I wasn’t hospitalized.

Through winter, my concentration is on my Biobreeds. Not my first love, but my best love, and really the one thing that keeps me in SL. I don’t have time to hang out anymore, not even with my own game family.

I will admit. The KittyCats have been calling me. I’ve always kept at least one pair out, but may do more soon. I have 8 pairs I like lined up. Considering setting out limited editions at my market stand too.

But the wolves and foxes are coming soon! So excited!!

Biobreeds Fox model

Biobreeds Fox model

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Some good progress this week…



In the breedables for me anyway. Trying to decide what I need to do so I can write a bit today. Usually hubby hangs out with his kindle in the back room. Now he’s watching the game in front, where I’m trying to write.

I’m an odd duck. Not a sports lover and the noise just irritates me to no end. So, right now I have my headphones on, trying to make myself lose what hearing I have left.

After all the processing for this month’s release, which takes many hours of work for the first four days of the month, I thought for sure I’d have enough time to make my word count. Then daughter’s going through a hard time. Rarely see them, but this last week I’ve had three days with them.

I love it. But the timing…oiy! So in between all of that, I’m having a difficult time getting into the two projects I lined up for this month. Switching to my main series now in the hopes of resetting myself.

Used to be Second Life helped with that. But not so much now. Too much clutter with friends and SL really doesn’t perform as well as it used to. Plus, I’ve downgraded to not have my own sim anymore, which used to help inspire me. My inspiration comes from Inworldz now.

Even so, the balance of feeding off of virtual world creativity for me has been broken, and I need to find a way to reset my creativity. Perhaps a break all together from SL would help.

Problem is, when one is addicted to something, it’s nearly impossible to give up. And those darn wolves are coming out soon! I don’t want to miss those.

I am worried though, slightly. I wonder if Biobreeds has a different sculptor now. The corgis have me wondering.

Previous breeds are so detailed in the face, so realistic, rather than put together. The corgis seem very coarse in comparison.

My corgis have been good to me. We’ve gotten saddle coats so far, which is very cool. But they don’t seem quite as natural, so I don’t think I’ll stay with them after deseeding.

Worries me about the wolves. The demos are nice, but one really doesn’t know until they get them and watch them grow and move about. Think I’m just getting one pack of them and then I’ll choose my pair to breed and use for permanent breeding.

I don’t do anything with WK anymore, although I’ve kept a stash for when I do wish to again. If the BB wolves aren’t as refined as BB normally is, I think I’ll run both WK and BB instead of all BB.

WK wolves look more fantasy style, but they have excellent movements and some cool sounding traits to them. A couple wouldn’t hurt. :-)

Biobreeds have been good to me this week. Sweet hair styles are showing up. The corgis are fun to watch run around and sleeping. Pepi’s been reseeded and working on his legacy again.

Noticed one breedable friend setting things out for 100L. I suspect this is a silent hit at Biobreeds for releasing the ultra rare hairs. Don’t blame my friend. People pay a lot for the unique one of a kinds, and it’s easy to miss that the traits do get into the system.

Even I, who’s been with BB since the dawn of the breedable, forgets that. It’s easy when you breed multiple critters and each handles their unique editions differently. And when the BB descriptions of what goes on with these traits aren’t made explicitly known to new or infrequent buyers.


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Pretty darn quiet #secondlife

One of new herd. Appaloosa Black Magic. Male is epic. Females are with floral hair.

Recently sold gal pregnant to a black appaloosa with ribbon hair.

Blogging is getting quieter but following in this post is an update on my breedables, some comments, and I don’t know what else. Been feeling a bit odd lately and not playing as much as I normally do. It’s been busy, and maybe it’s the season changing, kicking up the farming dust and all, but senses have been dulled.

Right now I’m writing while at auction in an attempt to get myself going better. Doc’s meds are helping a bit, but my freelance work is at 1/2 normal today still.

The Breast Cancer Awareness month ended with a great overall result. Dee’s Design didn’t do much. Kind of pathetic. One rug sold during the whole two months. No one bought the book I sold for 100% profit going to BCA. Not sure what my next moves with store will be.

Still thrilled about the auction event for it with Biobreeds though. And I have twelve months to figure something out about the store for next time.

Doctors are dragging their feet on dealing with my mom’s updates on her condition. Guess they don’t consider her important enough. Our lovely healthcare system at work. So still not sure if she’s going to end up in chemo or what.

Sadly, they’re not in a hurry since my dad was diagnosed with another cancer and they worked on that next.

My good friend’s cancer seems to have been contained and then he had an episode. Currently in hospital. No word on him yet. But will be a long road for him.

I picked up the black appaloosas or sold them. They kept throwing the spring hair. That hair is pretty, but not what I want. Kept trying to get more generations of floral or ribbon. They kept being stubborn, so decided to take a break from that for awhile.

Been setting up my exotics and ponies.  Getting what kennels I want and deseeding dogs for pet storage. Almost have the prim space for the wolves situated.  I may heal and try to sell some prime dobermans with some extra space until they come out. Looks like I should switch lines on those due to lack of interest by one group of friends.

Sniff, sniff.

I either breed for myself, like the Pepi line, or to exchange with friends. Sad. But I’ve reconnected with old time friends so happy.

Second Life is still a butt to me anyway. Always.

I may be scarce. Some of us writers team together to cheer one another on in writing during November for National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) and the press has a release this month I do the work for. Plus more family stuff. My free time for gaming is much shorter.


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#secondlife confusing awesomeness for newbies

And people who want to mess with your head. LOL….you need people like me who have actually lived on Second Life and know where to find the areas you’re comfortable in. PG, X-rated, neutral.

Trust me. Many of us do play PG for fun, but we’re probably not the ones you’ll first find when you log in for the first time.

I’ve seen reports of inept people guiding people from the welcome and turning them off of the game as deserted and boring. One person, in general, even guided an online reporter around as someone “who plays the game all the time.” Um…excuse me, but one or two hours a week game play is NOTHING and does not constitute you playing the game enough to guide someone.

Obviously, that reporter’s article about Second Life sucked.

And now I just watched a new video of someone’s first experience in Second Life. Won’t post it…trust me, it was not PG rated. LOL

OMG. Thank God I had a game family to come in to this virtual world with or I would have never stayed!  I totally love my D’ni Refugees family.

This wasn’t a new roleplay person, but a person new to Second Life. He chose a fantasy character he roleplays often, thinking that’s what he’d find in SL when first coming in. Or, geesh! at least get directions on how to find the places to play.

(Or the whole thing was staged. Heck, how do I know? But what it illustrated is so true of SL so-called greeting to new players.)

New players so often get greeted with X-rated, really freaky sex avatars and people just acting really idiotic playing head games with one another in chat. And NO ONE being helpful at all.

Trust me, I don’t play on my original avi anymore. And I have alts for business purpose. But each time I made one I knew ahead of time where I wanted to go. I’d create-in, hit up the map, and tp out as soon as the lag would let me. (Lag is never fully fixed in SL – it works a lot like a young grid anymore, thanks to the mess of useless features they cram it with, and the wonky interfacing.)

I did my best to “close my eyes” during trying to tp my new avi out. Trust me, there’s some things you see that you wish you could unsee in these areas!

I’ll admit, I haven’t made an avi in a long time. But I’ve had reports from newbies on their experiences. Sounds like some individuals are trying to make it better, but they suck at guiding, for the most part.

This is my post topic today because I’m stuck with some hurt feelings from my SL play. I’ve tried to ignore a personal insult thrown my way and pretend I didn’t notice it. (a silent one, at that) But I’ve got to admit to myself that my feelings were actually hurt, and move on.

If you haven’t played in a virtual world, just remember that although you’re playing a game, the people behind the avis are real with real feelings.

For me, there’s some distance for awhile. Isolating myself to a degree and just enjoying the critters, and my D’ni explorer family when I’m able to. I now have both parents with cancer and a close friend whose cancer surgery went well, but a long road ahead and time will let us know for sure how successful it was. Plus my own crap.

Don’t have time for head games within a virtual game.

On a positive note, there are some really awesome Halloween places in Second Life right now. Check them out! Here’s some pics from the Fright Fest in Second Life.

Sorry for not having the picture for Biobreeds display at this time. When I was there, I had some difficulties and will have to grab that later. Today I get my corgis after posting this!!!

KittyCats Fright Fest display. Awesome as always.

KittyCats Fright Fest display. Awesome as always.

Too big to get it all in, but I tried.

Too big to get it all in, but I tried.

Meeroo's Fright Fest display

Meeroo’s Fright Fest display

Neck's Fright Fest display...the inside is really really cool!

Neck’s Fright Fest display…the inside is really really cool!

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