Dunvalos Reach in Inworldz

I’ve been too busy to get a breedable report going, and I haven’t been playing around in SL too much other than to restock stores as needed or for my media manager work for Camelot. SL has been having inventory maintenance everytime I turn around. And it clocked out my laptop today.

Scared the crap out of me. Prayed. Restarted. It came back, repaired and works fine. Thank God. I went to the pc for now for SL and not sure when I’ll try SL on the laptop again. It’s a good computer – set up for being in the higher end of the mid-range for computers, for places like SL.

May be because I failed to update the viewer when I was supposed to.  This is a heavy update time for SL.

Anyway…I arranged for a new sim in Inworldz called Dunvalos Reach. Dunvalos Reach is the main setting for a book series in the publishing press I run. Considering that series has gotten a following of fans, I thought choosing a name from it would be a nice thing to do. Versus choosing my own. LOL

Dunvalos Reach will be broken up into four sections on the ground. 1 is private, 1 is for the press, and two are specifically for recreating scenes from the books brought out through the press. To change every so often at my whim, as time allows.

Across the region in a skybox will also be a store.

My virtual “sister”, who is also a mentor for Inworldz, and I love to build. We love to experiment and we love to learn new stuff.

I know Dunvalos Reach is there and safe…I sneaked a peek at the map and visited the newly formed, empty sim. Just have to wait for my landlord to get in before I can take possession of it.

Then I am tied up with things and may not be able to start any building on it until the weekend.

Oh the agony!



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Week and weekend Report

In Camelot news, we’re building a nice management team. And the sim’s going through a reconstruction period. I expanded my kittycats sales store a bit, which is officially my main store now that I close the home sales yard. Then picked up the Amaretto and move the PP baggies there. I don’t want an aquarium…not a fan of the regular aquariums myself, although they’re nice.

At any rate, gotta find time to work in updating the website and notecards again now. LOL Never ending job.

The Farm is doing fantastic. BB is growing nicely. The Farm is pretty full so now I have to think on my BB…if I wish to expand or not. Seems the other spot is trying to go all fish. That’s not my thing…at the moment. (Remember, I change my mind a lot in SL!)

Wish I had the funds and time to start my own all BB market where I can offer rentals. I could continue and benefit from Ozzie’s overflow. We had a nice chat today. Wouldn’t be hard. Sadly, too time consuming for me though, so I can’t do it.

I did move my corral at The Farm. It’s a good spot – it sold out while I was gone visiting this weekend. But OMG the neighbor who moved in next to me! Why oh why did it have to be those god-awful ugly Champions! Ick!

I hope they go away soon. I actually banned those from any of my sims…told anyone bunking with me on lands I have that those things are so not allowed.

Rather have chicken farmers. (I hate those things in RL unless they’re on my plate.)

KK – weekly traffic report. Camelot traffic is still down compared to The Farm. When it was more mixed and not as PP heavy it was about even. But seeing as PP is a very small group of under 400 members while BB is over 6k strong, that makes sense. You know, BB is going to go where BB is the primary breedable. But some of the newer stands are built to handle all breedables, so maybe that will help.

The Farm traffic for the weekend was a little less than normal, which is expected since it was a holiday weekend where most spend time with their family. But overall traffic was higher than normal for the full week.

My sales report for last week: 300 Amaretto, 400 PP, 300 KC, and 11,150 BB.
My sales locations: 150 on each of the Amaretto sims, 11,550 on The Farm, and 300 on Camelot.

I did spend some of my gaming allowance. Had a special buy for myself and then I did pay ahead some things to hold the spots over until I returned from visiting. I also did manage to pay it forward some last week, which always makes me feel good.

I did come back to find I still had enough to pay 90% of the budget for this week, with still 6 days left.

Many of my specials sold…thankfully. I was not wanting to stick those back into storage after spending the L to heal them. There’s another group I may stick out if another party isn’t interested in them…a friend gets first chance.

Right now I’m going to test the 10T ponies. I haven’t bred those in a long time. Being the first one to get the 10T pony, I probably should breed them. lol

Sadly, I don’t think people will pay the 1k they’re worth. I have a few out at 600L now. That’s still sad, but there’s more out there than there were when I first started breeding them, so maybe that’s a good price. Worried I may have to go to 500L.

New set up is working nicely, and ready to report on it, but out of time for making a report. Next time. Now I have to get back to work – some RL disruptions takes me out for the afternoon and all day Friday, so this week won’t be able to be a 60 hour work week for me. But should be able to start it next week.


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About my current breedables goals…

Figure this would be a good topic in case anyone listens.  Seems some think I’m leaving due to unhappiness over people cheap selling and driving our sales down.

Well, I’m not. Yes, it irks me when people sell breedables for so much less than they’re worth. And I complain. Then I just quit breeding some stuff, breed other stuff to make points, give in to lowering some prices to match, and then stick to my higher prices for other breedables.

Like the recent phase of selling quality German Shepherd crates for 50L.  I’m only breeding four GS at the moment. Two with masked face, which I do hoard. A 7t male who’s helping me deseed a German epic.

But I don’t think I have any for sale right now. I have about 30 good crates stashed in a folder, and my breeders, which are mostly masked GS and high traited favorites, are stuck in storage.  I do see people are bringing their prices back to a more reasonable price, if not the right price still.

Yes, it is discouraging when you see people selling BB for less than 100L. Yes, it’s just wrong in my book. BUT it’s their right. Just as it’s my right to buy the cheap stuff and grab it for biochips or resell it.  And I, in turn, have the right to charge whatever I want for mine.

So glad I’m not playing the market game anymore! This is challenging to those who are. How to do what’s best for their business and maintain friendships. How to express their unhappiness without causing drama. Etc, Etc.

I have plenty of specials to set out for less than I think I should sell them, so I’m okay, thankfully. For awhile. I’m getting my own expenses paid for. Of course I cut my tiers way back. I’ve also sorted and turned in for points or just deleted more live BB.

(Sad…those should have at least been biochips for all I’ve invested in them, but don’t see that happening anytime soon. Part of the risks of this game. You accept responsibility for something, then you also accept the chance of losing all you put into it.)

Okay, back to me…Yes I’m unhappy with SL performance and blather on about how I should leave SL. Yes, I SHOULD. But don’t see it happening. Addiction is a cruel thing.

I did cut back a lot. I don’t have my own sales yard. I’m only breeding a few animals of each Biobreeds, KittyCats, PetPeddlers, and Amaretto. We’re only selling at market spots on other people’s sims right now. And it’s just Camelot, The Farm, and a few Amaretto specific areas.

I’m not branching out, and I’m playing more for points than sales now.

My budget is low. I still love them all, but won’t pay a lot myself for new stuff. I just cannot justify paying real money for pixels in that way. Yes, I know how to work the system to make lindens I can turn into real money.

I just don’t have the time to. I really am working up to 60 hour work weeks for RL. I’ve got it up to 40 and expect to make 60 next week.

I won’t be supporting any new sims. I’m an avid supporter and fan of The Farm…very thankful to the auctioneers for their dedication and how they don’t waver on their own prices in the wake of cheap sellers. I feel that helps build the market, and the fact that The Farm is nearly full now seems to second that idea.

I love Camelot and will continue to work for it, building it up. They are a dedicated fun-loving team who are into the breedables for fun, not money. I fit in there well.

My investments in others’ bred out breedables will be as my own sales allow me to pay it forward. I buy the good deals, I admit that. I used to sell breedables worth 100K or more, but it made me miserable. Felt like I was stealing from the other person. Even when I knew they were working their business to make their money back within a month.

My mind cries “It’s a pixel. Dammit!”  LOL

Like PP. I know it looks like the average for a new trait, shade specially, is around 10k. If I had it, I’m not sure I could pay that. PP is not a big enough market for me…bear in mind I’m used to being with breedables with 6-10k members in their groups, not one under 400 members. I’d pay 1000L for something new I wanted…2000L if I really wanted something added to my line bad.

I’m just not into the paying a lot for because it’s “new”. It’s not how I operate. Kudos to those who do. I’m happy for them if it makes them happy.

Now I do pay more for special edition stuff that’s retired when I want it, and have some funds. Mostly BB though, cause that’s where my pixel love is.  And I charge more for the ones I especially love to keep for myself, just in case I am able to use them.

This year, I want to save all my yearly RFL giving allowance up to bid on the BB auction animal. I hope it’s something I really like. Cause I may actually win it, unless Camber really wants it, of course. Can’t compete with her. LOL



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Still winding down…

…Second Life, that is.

Takes but a moment to check on the critters now. They’re behaving and doing their jobs.  I won’t lie though…I am thinking of picking up on the building a bit within Second Life. To create mesh files and then send them through to use InWorldz. *insert evil laugh*

We have three computers in the house to use…four if you count the office only one, which I guess doesn’t count. haha But three can have SL and IW on them. Our phones and devices don’t have the games loaded and there’s no plans to load them in the future. (Although mine do have the Myst and Riven games on them…)

Two are mine – good computers. One upgraded by hubby for my gaming as a Christmas present. One purchased with gaming in mind. Both get decent fps varying from 30-40, depending on the sim. (In SL. Not sure on reading the stats in IW…doesn’t seem to work the same there. But it’s good and stable for me too.)

But hubby…he went through three weeks of hell getting a “special computer”. Hi def, advance graphics, serious space, the whole works.

I am not borrowing the computer, I am not borrowing the computer, I am not borrowing the computer.

LOL So glad mine are more normal!  I’ve been testing his with an alt in Second Life with the Firestorm viewer. OMG – things are so detailed! The critters look awesome on it, and the details in the builds are amazing. I could get so lost in the virtual worlds with this computer.

Thankfully, my self control has been good. I have not broken my work time during the day to play on his computer. Rainy weekends though…I may have to steal it then!

Going to post some pics here taken on his computer…have to resave them though. Cool only lets me download them as tga. Could have sworn it was pngs before…guess that was with Catznip. Time to upgrade my viewers anyway…may try Catznip again.  I love Firestorm but it seems to work mine too hard.

Smmu's Apricot Percheron with Wild Hair Beautiful Horse!

Smmu’s Apricot Percheron with Wild Hair Beautiful Horse!

A section of the Camelot mainstore where I sell KittyCats. These two girls are unloved - 100% ready and no one is buying them.

A section of the Camelot mainstore where I sell KittyCats. These two girls are unloved – 100% ready and no one is buying them.


I started with three milkshake coated boxers. So far they've given me three milkshake boxers. Nice traits though, including rose shade.

I started with three milkshake coated boxers. So far they’ve given me three milkshake boxers. Nice traits though, including rose shade.

Smmu's Silver Fell. Red socks and Wild Hair Siam is a nice mix. He's throwing the traits to her celestial white walkers now too.

Smmu’s Silver Fell. Red socks and Wild Hair Siam is a nice mix. He’s throwing the traits to her celestial white walkers now too.

Daily sales update. Not good. Just had a 24 hour day without one sale. Making some critters wait for their food, but will probably end up giving myself some from the game allowance to feed them tonight.

Also means I can’t pay it forward at the auction, if I’m able to still go. Daughter will be here in afternoon and she needs support. She may need me tonight…  Of course, the rennaissance festival is in RL this weekend. May be fun to take off for that too…

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Hump day the ninth

Thinking about my Mystonline avatars. FoF and ms isis will be deleted, so that opens two slots. Elpis is already in there and she can be my public persona. Then I have a private one and Sophrosyne. I don’t think I’ll have Thorne in there, but may make an avi called ElpisAndThorne so I can make their hood.  Leaves one slot to ponder.

Also thinking about breedables, my likes and dislikes.

Like: The PP going into cryogenic stasis while in inventory. That is such a lifesaver!
Dislike: The ease in which PP does starve if you’re not extra watchful of them. And the wait before you can breed them again, but I can overlook this since they do not “expire” and you’re not losing any baggies in the effort.
Dislike: KittyCats go sick in three days but takes 7 to heal. Kind of a rip off to me.
Dislike: Having to delete so many good BB animals because it’s too expensive to heal just for 5 biochips or because they’re “unusable” because it’s too expensive to heal and reseed both.  This makes me sad.
Like: Amaretto horses do go sick, but only take three days of food to heal. So reasonable of a price to pay when you consider cost of food plus tiers. And points are high enough that it is worth feeding them to turn them in when you see you can’t use them from storage or when they age in storage.

Like: Food costs are reasonable with BB, PP, and KC.  (like WK for this reason also)
Dislike: Food and salt costs together are too much with Amaretto. (found meeroos too expensive also)

Like: The heaven points amounts with Amaretto. (Also like how they give double points during haven horse promotions. Good move towards helping population control.)
Like: The kittydollars amount with KittyCats and how you can use it for food, products, or special editions. This has come in so very handy, and makes you feel as if you’re getting a real return on your investment.
Like plus dislike: Like how you get 5 biochips for every BB crate or live you turn in. Dislike how limited the products are that you can use the biochips for and how the special trait on the Biochip editions is also released into the regular system. Rare or not, I feel it still devalued the special editions and contributed to our inability to sell them. But the editions are cool! Was very disappointed that they passed only one special trait…
Like plus dislike: Like how you can turn the PP into predator food. Like how you get a graduated food serving system for turning them. Dislike how you can’t turn in baggies in same way. Be much better for those of us with limited prim space.

Like: Amaretto’s ability to have two names on the horses.
Dislike: BB’s character limits in names. REALLY dislike this. I’ve had words with my computer at times when I can’t get a full description out for a sales animal or use the name for a breeder I’d like to use. Some of us do try to indicate which lines are ours and to name so we recognize right away which line it’s from or what it throws. Plus, sales do better when you can do a descriptive name…some people are cam shoppers and the name is the first thing they see that influences them whether to check the animal out or move on.
Like: How KC kitties get auto names when birthed. Smart move to help out the database and the CSRs.

Like: BB, KC, and PP all allow you to see the sex on the unborns.
Dislike: Amaretto does not. Leads to a lot of frustration and waste. Discourages me now from being a “big time” seller again. But then, so does SL in general.

I’m sure I can keep going but won’t. Perhaps I’ll do a list every so often.

I will say I’m happy to say new PP traits and breeds have shown up in recent history. It’s been fun to see them all. And no, I have not gotten one myself. But I’m only breeding about 14 now.

The bettas have been hard sells lately. Thinking of picking up that group to come back to later and invest in new fish. Just haven’t decided if I want to go ones my friends have made or starter fish…

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Not too shabby…

Nearly half way through third day of week and I’m not too worried about things. The Farm made its market rents. Camelot has made 3/4 of its rents. A special deal paid the rent for the one place we’re keeping. And Forest Knolls has made 1/2 the rent so far.  Minx has not yet.

I don’t know if I’ll make any profit this week, but pretty sure I’ll make expenses. Which suits me just fine.

In a few days I finalize who stays and goes. Just down to a few critters to decide on, really.

I’m thinking that we’ll have to add a small space for a kittycats garden into the expense. Neither Smmu or I have wanted to start the cattery up, preferring to have our kittycats with us. And we like having a place to relax.

Think we’ll do a smaller Billydale plot for KittyCats relaxation area, and make our small home parcels the chihuahua spot.

I need to separate them anyway. My two mega kittycats keep tromping all over Pepi’s family. lol

On Amaretto craziness…girls girls girls!  I have birthed 20 bundles and all girls. NO lie!  I’m on my 9th null traited white icelandic female now.


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haha of course…

So…Second Life has scheduled inventory maintenance this morning. And I go in to say hello to breedables pals during a quick afternoon work break and find out I can’t change clothes or anything right. Then see there’s another unscheduled inventory maintenance going on. Ah…explains my problem then.

And so typical. I’ll skip my normal blah, blah complaints of the SL grid, and just say I am sad to not have been able to drop in for a few moments to The Farm. Just to visit. I did not make extra lindens to spend…new rule, except for special times, is no buying until I’ve made the first 7k of the week.

Due to work issues and timing with getting things done for the post office, the copy of M’nine that must go to Cyan first before full release is delayed. I’m not sure when I can actually get it sent out. I’m hoping for Thursday now.

I did go into Real Myst and the piano was not sticking anymore. I’m now in the Selenic Age. It will take me a long time to work through the game, as with such a heavy work schedule I can only play on any of the games on the weekend or for short moments at a time during the weekdays.

Not a bad thing really. It can be good to be Real Life busy.

I’m in the kitchen, in front of the open double glass doors, enjoying the afternoon sun during today’s research work. First day this year to enjoy such luxury. And enjoying it I am.

Jules, the dog, is sunning on the back porch. Oliver the cat is in the yard, safe inside his tent, playing with leaves blowing up against the netting…


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